Soles are your connection to the ground beneath your feet, quite literally. The outsole needs to protect your feet, ensure that you walk with ease, and not lose traction with the surface below. The soles thus form the foundation on which our flip flops are made. Rubber is reclaimed, melted and then remoulded into one of our patented designs.
Our technology and expertise allow us to use advanced processes of recycling and reconstituting of the rubber to create robust ECOTREAD™ soles. Some of our ECOTREAD™ soles that go through a further process of multi-layering and fusing, result in TruBounce™
This is how we


All our soles, irrespective of their design or depth, are vegan, reclaimed and created to ensure that your feet are always protected. The formulation also ensures that you have greater skid-resistance with every step you

Our ECOTREADtm Soles