We RECYCLE Today So That We Can REUSE Tomorrow


Products made with EVA are collected by us, liquefied, and reconstituted using a proprietary procedure, and in a very precise formulation. The liquid is then either recast or injected; it is then moulded and allowed to set into one of our patented designs. This unique process results in SuperFoam™. These ultra-comfortable, ergonomically designed and long-lasting footbeds are sustainable right from sourcing, to setting so that we adhere to our commitments towards sustainability and ethical sourcing.


Old rubber products are ethically sourced, melted and then remoulded into one of our patented designs. Our expertise allows us to use an advanced, carbon offsetting process of recycling and reconstituting the rubber to create robust ECOTREAD™ soles. These reclaimed rubber soles are of the highest quality and are supremely durable.
Each and every part of solethreads flip flop is either recycled or made with plant based extracts and recycled cotton, nylon and polyster. we ensure that all our materials, processes and products, use responsible and sustainable methods.


We RESPECT The Planet We Live On

All our straps are made from plant based vegan extracts, which are skin-friendly, tear-resistant and long-lasting. In our efforts to promote sustainability, they are all organically and ethically sourced, manufactured and distributed. We use absolutely 0% animal by-products in the production and processing of all our straps and uppers.

We RESPECT The World Around Us

We use reclaimed and recycled materials, and all our other materials are 100% vegan. What’s more, any material leftover from the production process, and any unusable returns are recycled and reused for new products. Our flip flops are shipped in locally made recycled cardboard boxes, with recycled cloth bags. All our flip flops are themselves 100% recyclable, at the end of their life!


We REUSE To Make New

We, at Solethreads, believe that sustainability and fashion go hand-in-hand. The love for newness comes at the cost of the planet, and recycling ensures that we combat fashion waste, and inspire a generation of upcyclers. We have thus developed a comprehensive exchange programme that ensures that your old footwear gets a new lease on life, and we continue to adhere to our commitments