What Color Sandals Go With Everything: Colour Guide For You

What Color Sandals Go With Everything Colour Guide For You - Colours

We all love to own a pair of white sandals, but how many times have we wondered: what color sandals go with everything? Well, black is probably the most versatile colour when it comes to sandals. A black pair of sandals will go with nearly any outfit, so it's no surprise that black is the most popular color for sandals. And, black isn't just a good choice for the office; it's also a great choice for every other occasion!

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What Color Sandals Go With Everything Colour Guide For You - Soleththreads flip flops

What color sandals go with everything?

Black is a classic choice for sandals, but a few shades of brown are also great options. Likewise, to answer the question of what color sandals go with everything, blue is a versatile choice for a sandal. While navy is often seen as a bolder cousin of black, this colour is softer and can be worn with a variety of outfits. Whether you prefer a deeper shade of blue or a lighter tone, teal looks great with almost any outfit.

A classic and timeless colour for sandals, brown can be worn with many different outfits. They look great with denim and trousers but also complement a wide range of other clothing. Grey is another popular option, as it works well with just about everything.

A black sandal also gives off a more modest outlook, which is perfect for everyday wear. But when it comes to sandals, there are plenty of other options available to you. And don't forget to take into account your personal style when choosing a pair!

What color sandals go with everything: The best sandal colours for any outfit

When choosing a pair of sandals, the best colour scheme for a summertime look is a light, pastel colour. You can pair a pink sandal with a white outfit or a black outfit for a more sultry look. Coral and pink sandals also go well with neutrals. Listed below are the best sandal colors for any outfit.

1. What colour sandals go with everything: White

Although white sandals are no longer considered a fashion faux pas, they have come a long way in the last decade. Today, they're grown-up, fun, and versatile. Many women spend hundreds of dollars every year on shoes. Yet, most of these women never consider wearing a pair of white sandals. Luckily, they are so versatile and comfortable that they can easily become a part of your wardrobe. 

If you have a neutral wardrobe, you can wear a pair of white sandals. They will instantly lift your style and look great with any outfit. They also complement many different colours. 

2. What colour sandals go with everything: Black

The first thing you need to know about black sandals is that they go with everything! They can be worn with jeans and pants, as well as dresses, skirts, and shorts. You can also wear them to dress up a look with accessories. Whether you are dressing up for a formal event or for a night out, black sandals will always look great. Despite their classic colour, black sandals never go out of style, making them a great investment for any closet.

3. What colour sandals go with everything: Brown

If you're unsure whether brown sandals go with any outfit, try a chunky heeled pair. A chunky pair of brown sandals will help ground your ensemble, adding structure to a dressy ensemble while still adding some hippie-chic flair to a more conservative outfit. While the neutrality of brown helps you wear bolder shades with each other, it's best to choose a lighter top, so your sandals don't overpower your outfit. To finish off the look, accessorize with a colorful accessory such as feather earrings.

4. What colour sandals go with everything: Grey

If you are looking for a versatile colour for your shoe wardrobe, grey is an excellent choice. Grey goes with everything from jeans to sundresses. Grey is also a great neutral colour that pairs well with many other colours. 

If you are wearing grey office attire, white sneakers or loafers will go well with your outfit. You can also wear grey heels with your outfit. This will give it a unique look. Whether you're wearing a dress to work or for a date with your partner, grey shoes will enhance your appearance.

5. What colour sandals go with everything: Beige

A neutral colour, beige goes well with almost anything. It looks great with a range of looks, from casual jeans to flowy dresses, as well as strappy sandals, slides, and more. You can also pair beige sandals with dainty jewellery and straw hats, as well as sunglasses to complete the look. This colour can be found at a wide range of online retailers and even on Amazon!

When it comes to pairing beige shoes with other colours, tan and brown are great choices. Tan shoes look great with an earth-toned outfit, while brown shoes complement lighter shades of beige. A light blue or white oxford pairs well with a monochrome look and can be worn all year long. Beige is a versatile neutral that can work with most outfits. Invest in a quality pair of shoes made by a good brand to keep them looking new for years to come.

Important things to consider when choosing sandals:

When you choose a sandal, make sure that you choose one that is a perfect fit for your feet. Often, women wear sandals that leave their toes hanging out, and this can cause friction and calluses. The ideal sandal length will cup the heel while keeping the toes flat and on the base of the shoe. If your toes are prone to blisters, you'll want to opt for a sandal with thick straps.

Quality is also important. While it's tempting to save money on a cheap pair of sandals, be aware that these won't last long and will require frequent trips to the shoe store. Instead, opt for a pair of high-quality sandals that will last you several summers. In addition to comfort, choose a pair that has good arch support. Ultimately, you'll be happy with your purchase.

Adaptability to climate is another important factor to consider when selecting a pair of sandals. You'll want to make sure that they are made to withstand the weather conditions in your area. If you live in a cold climate, you'll want to invest in well-insulated sandals that will keep your feet warm. On the other hand, if you live in a humid climate, you'll want to invest in a pair of sandals that are waterproof and will keep your feet dry.


A pair of sandals can either make or break your outfit. On the one hand, where a stylish sandal can enhance your look, you must pay attention to the level of comfort. Go with shoes that are easy on the feet and good for the overall health.