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Different Type Of Sandals For Women

Different Type Of Sandals For Women
Are your sandals dominating your wardrobe? Do you get confused when choosing one? Well! Stop and flip flops often and get over all the confusion. Solethreads is offering a wide kinds of sandals for ladies that can change your way of living and help you lead a more frivolous life. Let your worries of wearing the wrong sandal vanish, we have variety for everyone.
Here, comfort is everything and we understand what really matters in such cases. 
Solethreads offers types of sandals for ladies that are high-quality. We have all types of sandals for women. Choose from an assortment of different types of sandals for women that are colorful, flexible and comfortable flip flops for everyone. 

11 Different types of sandals for women

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1. Flip flops - One of the best types of sandals for ladies 

Many of the people in the world do not consider sandals as a part of their daily wear. These can be worn in and outside. They can be worn in cities and villages and they do not want to make a fashion statement with them like shoes and boots. These types of sandals are called flip flops, and they come both in flat and heeled patterns. Both men's and women's shoes come with many different colors and patterns to choose from for both comfort and fashion. 

Solethreads offers different types of women's sandals that are so comfortable and cute to wear, and they come in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Wear them outside, and they will be easy to recognize among others. You can be sure that these flip flops will last long. 

2. Wooden sandals

There are a wide range and kinds of sandals for ladies, but wooden sandals are very popular right now are the latest trend to hit the market. It has become quite popular among the youth and it is a great way for individuals to be in touch with nature. It offers a lot of health benefits that you can’t really get from others. People would rather have this type of product since it allows you to relax and provide a balance to your feet. Wooden sandals easily allow you to remove unnecessary pressure from your feet which opens up a lot of doors when it comes to treating foot related diseases. Kinds of sandals for ladies like these belong to the trendiest and fashionable types found today. These sandals are designed in such a way that allows men to walk effortlessly in them. They even look classy when worn with neatly pressed trousers. Furthermore, they do not cause stress or pain due to their innovative design.

3. Tatami sandals

The types of sandals for women that are trending at the moment are tatami sandals. They are all over the internet. Whether you are looking for style, comfort, print, or leather; it boasts of great features to suit your needs. These tatami sandals are not difficult to wear and give an alternative to your regular wedge shoes. A tatami sandal may not be to everyone’s taste. However, it has become popular amongst women because of their features. They are lightweight, have a good enough support for your feet, and are easy to maintain. This is what makes them an ideal shoe to have in your wardrobe.

Tatami sandals

4. Leather sandals

Leather sandals have been around for the last few decades. You can still see a number of celebrities wearing them. These sandals for women tend to be a bit costly especially if you want a good brand. Yet, they do not go out of style easily. The most important thing about buying any product is to check the quality first, before purchasing it. There are many websites where you can buy brand quality leather sandals. This is a good option if you want to buy a pair of shoes that you're going to be wearing a lot. The right pair of leather sandals will last a long time and look great.

5. Rope sandals

Rope sandals are another kind of footwear without straps made from woven grass and leather. They were first invented by the Japanese in the land of Nara in the 12th century. These sandals can be worn with socks or without socks, depending on the wearer's preference. This is one of the most comfortable kinds of footwear, especially when worn when you are on a beach. Its flexibility allows freedom to your foot and it feels good when shuffling in the dry sand. 

6. Metallic sandals

If you want that classic look then metallic sandals would be your choice. They are available in various colors such as gold, silver and bronze. You can wear these sandals with white capri pants to give a classy look. They do not need much effort to match and will go well with any kind of dress. Wear them with a pair of denim jeans to give a vibrant look or try it with fancy sarees and dresses to give an elegant look. For any party you attend you would find yourself incomplete without these sandals. These sandals can normally be found in texture which includes PVC, micro fibre, leather, knit fabric and synthetic materials. The textiles used to give these sandals a vibrant look generally differ from one to another which leads to a wide range of choice available.


Different types of sandals - Wedges

7. Wedge sandals

Wedge sandals, also known as platform sandals, resemble a wedge heel and platform top-line. They are named as such since wedge sandals always come with an elevated heel. Wedge sandals come in various designs that you can choose to match your need and outfit.

Wedge sandals are a great alternative to high heels if you find yourself hobbling because of the pain. They improve posture and balance, which you might find difficult because of the pronounced heel. But it is little different than walking in heels. Here are some tips to walk comfortably in wedge sandals.

8. Flat sandals

Flat sandals have been a fashionable accessory for a while now. They look good with almost every outfit and are considered to be the most comfortable summer shoes. While many prefer to wear this shoe during the summer, they can also be worn in winters too with tights or socks. These sandals are very comfortable. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can buy a pair of flat sandals for almost any outfit. Plus, wearing them will make you feel more confident in your steps.

9. Rubber sandals

Rubber Sandals are stylish and offer you additional comfort and strength to walk or stand. They are long lasting and offer stability to move easily throughout the day. These sandals can be easily cleaned with water and dried in the sun to remove the smell or dirt from it. This type of sandals for girls is ideal for use on several occasions including social gatherings, parties, religious gatherings, etc.  The best thing about these types of summer sandals for girls is that they can be used even when it is raining. They are made for both wet and dry weather conditions.

10. Tip toe sandals

If you are looking for a pair of stylish sandals, these would be perfect for you. In fact, you can wear them even with formal attire. They look gorgeous and make your feet look beautiful. Although they are very comfortable to wear, they are not that comfortable as the other sandals which we have reviewed above. They do not contain that extra cushion inside and still provide a decent amount of comfort to your feet, but we could have put it much better if we added a bit more cushion to it. These sandals can be worn for both outdoor and indoor use. The brand sells many such sandals as well as other forms of footwear as well.

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11. Flat beds - One of the best types of female sandals

Flatbed sandals are an old school style, now making a comeback as a fashion trend for adults. We have been hearing so much about these types of sandals from our mom's and aunties. You can purchase this type of sandal online or offline. Just keep in mind to go for the best quality that will not be a problem after a couple of days of purchase. 

Now that you have gone through our list of different types of sandals for ladies, tell us which one is the style you would most likely like to flaunt?

The above mentioned different types of women's sandals are absolutely gorgeous and perfect to allure everyone.