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Size Does Matter - The Definitive Flip Flop Sizing Guide

What Size Flip Flops Should I Buy - Flip Flop Size Guide

So, you may wonder what a beach and the pandemic has to do with a flip flop size chart? Well, read on and you’ll soon know.

The Accident

Nargis sat in the hospital bed, writhing in pain. The double mask over her mouth and nose and the face shield over her face did little to assuage the ever-increasing sensation of being trapped in her own predicament. Every time one of the other patients in the room would cough or sneeze, her heightened sense of pandemic fear would just be further exacerbated. As she closed her eyes, her mind would drift to one thing – that flip flop size chart. She felt so stupid, this dilemma was all her fault, and it originated from a very innocuous moment, just a few hours ago.

Rewinding to earlier that day …

Nargis was excited, she was to finally take a road trip with her friends. They had planned a beach soiree. They had rented a beachside villa. After more than a year and a half of being stuck at home, she was ready to frolic in the sand and have margaritas by the sea. They were all fully vaccinated, and they had their own strip of beach all to themselves. Being soaked with excitement was one thing, but now she had so much she needed to buy. She looked at her bedraggled slippers and couldn’t help but ask herself, “what size flip flops should I buy?”

She did a quick search online and found a stunning pair of surf-themed flip flops online. She gave a quick glance to the flip flop size chart women's section and couldn’t find her usual size. She found a jungle-themed pair in her size but was desperate to get her hands on the surf ones. Alas! It was only available in a flip flop size that was one too large, for her. Her mind kept telling her that flip flop sizing, flip flop sizing is essential, and yet her excitement got the better of her.

There was even a flip flop fitting guide right next to the pair she was about to purchase, but she paid very little heed to it.

She tried on her new appropriately themed flip flops as soon as they arrived. She was dancing around the room. They felt great, albeit a bit large; the next thing she knew, she was on the floor, with an acute pain emanating from her feet. She could hardly move.

Fast Forward to the present …

She was now in the outpatient department. Both her feet were in plaster.  Her trip lay in ruins much like her current disposition.


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So, just how should flip flops fit your feet?

Well, to answer simply – They need to fit well.

Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s delve more into how to size flip flops, and how to find the size that is not just comfortable but also protects your feet and keeps them safe.

If flip flops are ever to be of a size that does not fit you properly you are at risk of a variety of problems. If the flip flops are larger than your usual size, they could cause you to trip and fall. An ill-fitting pair of flip flops could cause a variety of problems including a variety of problems, including plantar fasciitis, Achilles’ tendinitis, knee and back problems, and even circulatory problems in the rare but more life-threatening cases.

Flip flop sizes are there for a reason and finding the correct size is not as easy as looking at it, liking it, and buying it. It is not uncommon to buy the incorrect size even when you are conscious of your regular shoe size.

Yes, flip flops sizes are innumerable and they vary between men, women and even depend on the type of style.

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So, how should you ensure that you are getting the correct fit?

When you wear flip flops, there ought to be roughly around half an inch between your feet and the edge of the sole. This is so to ensure that you keep your feet from hitting against surfaces. If the straps of your flip flops are made from cloth, canvas, EVA, or vegan leather, ensure that they don’t rub your feet awkwardly when you slip them on.

This is where a flip flop size chart comes into play.  Since your feet spread out and increase as you walk, you need to ensure that the thong straps are not too tight fitting between your toes.

There ought to be a bit of room to allow for the enlargement of your feet so that you don’t end up with aching blisters in the affected areas. Numerous people have one foot that is larger than the other, so consider fitting your flip flop to the larger foot. 

One must also keep in mind the size chart for men's flip flops.  

What Size Flip Flops Should I Buy - Flip Flop Size Guide
Men's Flip Flop Size Chart 

Like with any other footwear, comfort should be the penultimate factor, when you choose your ideal pair when perusing a flip flop shoes size chart.  You thus have to find a pair that is neither too tight nor too loose. It would be best if you were to try them out, and determine if they fit correctly, and this may involve you having to go to the shop physically, finding a pair you like, looking at the flip flop size guide, trying them on to ensure that they fit correctly and then going ahead and buying them.

Do remember to wear your mask, social distance and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water once you return home. After all, we do live in pandemic times.

Okay, so you’ve determined the style, colour and fabric you like. Now you need to inspect the flip flop size guide. You’ll most likely find the size you’re looking for. You now set about trying them on.

What Size Flip Flops Should I Buy - Flip Flop Size Guide

Flip Flop Size Chart For Women


Here are a few things you should keep in mind. 

The flip flop size guide and judging the fit

  1. When you wear a flip flop, its sole should support your entire foot
  2. The heel and toes should be entirely within the contours of the footbed
  3. Make sure there is a bit of space between the toes and the edge of the sole so as to prevent stubbing.
  4. Your feet should not move around too much in the flip flops. Yes, they are open and airy and the feet may move around a bit, but this movement should not be so much that you are struggling to keep your feet in the flip flops as you walk.
  5. The strap or upper part of your flip flops should not make your feet feel uncomfortable when they rub against them. You need to look for straps that fit your feet snugly, but not tightly.

Do remember, there is no such thing as perfect feet. Your feet are highly likely to have some irregularity and since one of your feet may be larger than the other, use that foot to determine the flip flop that will fit the best.

An important aspect of finding the right fit for your feet, if you are unable to go out, is to measure your feet. You can place a piece of paper on the floor, use a pencil to outline your foot. Do this for both feet. This would be the best measurement of your feet.

Men or women have different sizes and types of feet. So, for men do look at a size chart for men's flip flops and women should do the same.

 How To Choose The Best Fit | Flip Flops


Flip flops should always fit your feet without being too big or too close-fitting. Confirming that your flip flops fit seamlessly will not only preserve your cosiness when you have them on but could also protract their lifecycle for a bit longer. Above all, wear flip flops that are a suitable fit to avoid emergent foot conditions that could possibly harm your feet permanently.


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As for Nargis, her feet recovered, and she did manage to go on that trip of a lifetime, with her friends. This time over, she did use the sizing chart and found a pair of flip flops that were both tropical, and of the correct dimensions to fit her feet. 

They had many a margaritas by the beach…



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