How To Clean Flip Flops The Correct Way

If you’re not loving your flip flops and figuring ways on how to get smell out of flip flops or how to clean smelly flip flops, then it’s time for a positive change. When was the last time you actually cleaned them properly or threw them in the laundry? Do you know how to clean flip flops the right way? It's so much fun to wear clean flip flops after a good cleaning session. If your shoes are slipping around on your feet, take advantage of our extra-wide sizes. We have sizes that are small enough to fit even the tiniest of feet, but wide enough for those with ample toes. You've probably noticed that a lot of people wear flip flops a lot. You may have also noticed that a lot of people wear the same flip flops over and over again. That means that they're always either in their car, in their closet, in the laundry, at the beach or in the trash. They're going to stink if you don't take care of them. Getting foot odour out of flip flops is a lot harder than you think. In order to get rid of it for good, you need to kill bacteria and fungi from growing inside your shoes. Many of us wear flip flops for more than 90 percent of the year. While that is nice for our feet, it means that they can get pretty dirty.

Flip flops are made from many different materials, including leather, canvas, rubber, and plastic. They all end up with a bit of dirt on them after some time, but instead of buying new ones, you can clean your flip flops at home using some simple methods.

Here's How To Clean Flip Flops The Correct Way

How To Clean Flip Flops The Correct Way

Flip flops mould to fit your feet as you wear them, but this can cause pressure points or even hot spots to develop. Anyone who’s worn flip flops will know the moment you take them off. They smell funny, can be decidedly smelly and are generally not fit for purpose. The soft insoles and straps of flip flops can be a magnet for dirt and bacteria. Wiggle them out and give them a good scrub to restore those flip flops to their former glory – worthy of being packed in your suitcase for the next trip away. When worn constantly, the rubber thongs may begin to look tired and scuffed. But thankfully, all is not lost. These simple household items can help return your tired flip flops to their former glory – worthy of being packed in your suitcase for the next trip away. People follow various DIY methods to clean their flip flops. However, we have presented the best and the most popular methods to clean flip flops. Try any of these and enjoy clean flip flops always!

Below is a simple step-by-step cleaning guide on how to clean flip flops properly

Step 1: Use a cleaner that can remove oil and grease. 

Step 2: Squeeze equal amounts of baking soda into the solution. Stir well

Step 3: Soak your flip flops in the solution until completely saturated. Leave to soak for approximately 15 minutes

Step 4: Rinse with lukewarm water until clean, making sure to remove all the baking soda

Step 5: Use a sponge or towel to dry your flip flops thoroughly

How to clean flip flops - Step-by-step guide
Step-by-step guide to clean flip flops the correct way!

Adjusting and washing your flip flops is the easiest way to revitalize them and ensure they last for years to come. But, do you know how to wash flips flops properly (at home) using simple ingredients? Soak your flip flops in a baking soda and a water solution as this will help remove residue and restore the original shape of the footbed. 

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Other ways that answer your question on how to clean smelly flip flops

1. Treat them using baking soda

a. Here's how to wash flip flops using baking soda. The secret to keeping your flip flops smelling fresh is baking soda. Place them in a plastic bag with a 20 mg portion. Let them sit for at least two hours, then shake to remove the excess baking soda. Rinse flip flops with lukewarm water and mild soap

b. To wash out your flip flops, you'll need to rinse them off thoroughly then let them dry. You can use baking soda or white vinegar to remove any stains or odors that might be left behind

c. Now that your flip flops are clean and fresh, you would want to keep them that way. I like to store mine in a shoe bag and lay them flat. Just hang the bag near your shower (the steam keeps them nice and soft) or near where you store your flip flops"

d. Flip flops do get dirty. White ones especially tend to get discolored and dingy. There are tons of ways to clean them, such as bleach and other harsh cleaners, but if you’re looking for a gentler method you should try baking soda. Just add enough water to make a paste and then rub that into your white flip flops with an old toothbrush. Rub it in all over, but especially into any hard-to-clean spots and leave it on overnight. By morning the old stains should be gone and you’ll have nice white flops again

e. After cleaning with the baking soda and toothbrush, rinse them off and let dry. It might take a little longer than using a commercial cleaner, but it works better than commercial cleaners and leaves the shoes feeling fresh and clean. Plus, you’re saving money and helping the environment by not using chemicals on your favorite footwear

f. If your flip flops have lost their sparkle, try this. Clean them with a baking soda paste. It helps to throw the flip flops in the freezer for a while beforehand so they’re entirely frozen. Make a paste using equal parts baking soda and water, then rub all over the flip flops. Pay particular attention to any dirty or scuffed spots, then rinse well.'

2. How to wash flip flops with the help of washing machine?

a. Pair. Play. Repeat. Lightweight, comfortable, and easy on the feet, these are more than just flip flops. They’re a summer-long companion—the pair of shoes you’ll want to throw on when you get off work, hit the pool, hit the beach, or just kick around town. Our exclusive EVA sole is made to cushion your stride in even the most high-performance athletic shoes; by placing down many small sections of foam rather than one big chunk of rubber, we ensure that your foot won’t ever bottom out on a hard surface like concrete.

b. Clean flip flops in the washing machine to rid them of sand. Run them through a gentle cycle using cold water, plus one cup of vinegar. Allow to air dry or throw in the dryer for 10 minutes on low heat with the door open.

c. Soak your flip flops in a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water overnight. Scrub any stubborn dirt with a soft brush. Then toss them in the wash on the gentle cycle with a ¼ cup of laundry detergent, wash by hand or put them through a delicate cycle in the washing machine. Let them air dry.

d. Stainless steel mesh toesies can be cleaned in the washing machine. Use the delicate cycle, cold water, no detergent, and air dry. Or simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Wood can be polished to remove stains with lemon oil. 

Keep your memory foam slippers clean and attractive by washing them often and they will look as good as they feel.

3. Use a bit of dish soap

We all love cute spring/summer outfits, but when the weather gets warmer, our feet tend to get funkier. Get your favourite pair of flip flops ready for the weather by cleaning them up. Grab some dish soap and mix in some water with it. This mixture is what you will use to clean your flip flops with. Use a sponge to apply the soapy solution to your heels and toes of the flip flops. Watch how they shine after you scrub them off with a wet sponge! After taking the time to scrub the dolly mixture off of your flip flops, make sure they are not too dry or not too wet, or else they might retain bacteria that might lead to foot infection.

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1. You can run your flip flops under warm water in a tub to clean them.

2. A magic eraser can also be used to clean flip flops.

How to clean leather-based smelly flip flops?

Just like any other piece of apparel, there are some steps you can take to make sure your flip flops last as long as possible. Leather flip flops are made from natural leather and different areas of the shoe wear differently over time. With proper care, you can make your flip flops look new for many years to come.

After your flip flops have been brushed, add a few drops of water and add a small amount of saddle soap to the inside and outside of your shoes. Use a soft brush to clean the inside and outside while working up a rich lather. Drain off dirty water and fill it with clean warm water until the leather is completely submerged. Let your flip flops soak for at least ten minutes and then drain and wipe dry with a towel.

Cleaning leather flip flops is easy and can be done should you come in contact with sticky substances like gum, mud or paint. Simply clean the flip flops as soon as possible and remove excess material. After cleaning and drying the flip flops, use a dry brush to wipe the surface completely. Refresh the color of your flip flops by applying leather conditioner using a cloth and rubbing it into the leather. Cleaning them is as simple as wearing them. 

When the leather has been cleaned, it is very likely that you will want to condition it so that it remains clean. For this task, you can use whichever type of leather conditioner you prefer. However, if there are any specific brands or types that work better for you, please feel free to use those.

How to clean smelly flip flops? Simple ways on how to get smell out of flip flops

Have you been wondering how to get odor out of flip flops, especially when you don't know the source of the funny smell. Worry not! We've got you covered. If your pair can’t be bought back to life with a traditional washing, you may want to give them a deeper cleaning. And it’s easier than you might think.

So, if your question is how to clean smelly flip flops or how to get smell out of flip flops, then we have easy solution to that. Well, bathroom cleaning products are capable of neutral odours, but they don’t provide a pleasant scent. Deodorizers typically contain fragrances that mask the original odour but aren't as effective as cleaning products. We’ve selected some bathroom cleaning products that won’t leave residue on your flip flops and will help to eliminate odor without tacky fragrances.

Wondering how to clean flip flops smell in three simple ways? 

1. Wet your dirty flip flops under the faucet

2. Then squirt some liquid soap all over them

3. Let them soak for at least an hour and then rinse them off and let them dry.

This is how to clean flip flops smell effectively leaving the flip flops smelling fresh and clean. Flip-flop cleaning can be a quick chore so you can dedicate more time to using your favourite pair of strappy flip flops around town.

First, you have to give the flip flops a full day to dry after wearing them. Give them enough time. Next, you have to fill up the tub with warm water and then add some soap into that water. You choose any cleaning soap that you find perfect for washing footwear. After that, place your memory foam flip flops into the tub and leave them there for about 15 minutes to soak into the item.

Among these methods, the use of water and soap and washing them is considered to be one of the best. It also saves time and energy. The flip flops are washed with the use of warm water and soap. After washing, use a soft brush to remove all the dirt particles that are still stuck around the flip flops. After that, dry your flip flops under direct sunlight or with the use of any dryer. You can also use a hair dryer for speeding up the process of drying your flip flops. It’s quicker to dry them in direct sunlight because you don't have to wait long enough before using them again. 

Now that you have answers to questions such as, how to clean your smelly flip flops, how to get smell out of flip flops and how to wash flip flops, you now know the secret to keeping feet happy and healthy. 

Tell us if you have any other tips or suggestions on (i) how to clean foam flip flops, (ii) how to clean flip flops smell, (iii) how to clean memory foam flip flops and (iv) how to get odor out of flip flops? We'd be happy to accommodate those in the comments.


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