Which Are The Best Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis?

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We strongly believe that flip flops or sandals that lack proper support are the reason why many customers suffer from foot pain, hence hurting their overall health. We like to think of our new flip flops as athletic because they offer great arch support and ample padding. Our flip flops are made to be worn while doing your physical activities or while you are on your way to the gym or while out on a run. Our supportive flip flops are here to help you heal and are the best flip flops for plantar fasciitis. Crafted with a sole that is made out of durable polyurethane, the sole will provide the much-needed stability for your foot to ensure your plantar fascia stays nice and tight.

How To Know Which Are The Best Flip Flops For Plantar Fasciitis?

The footbed has been ergonomically designed allowing your feet to breathe. It also features two layers of memory foam which will contour to the shape of your foot providing incredible support. Not only are they flip flops, but they are also great shoes for the beach, the pool, or any water activities. Our flip flops offer great support and are made of high-quality leather so that it doesn't pull on your plantar fascia. Our flip flops sole is padded so it won't harm you or your feet. We also provide orthotics that are removable for even more comfort.

Each pair is carefully selected to provide maximum comfort, arch support and foot health. Our in-house guaranteed team explores hundreds of styles, in all price ranges to find the most comfortable footwear in the world. We examine products for material quality, construction design, textile content, traction performance and environmental impact. Then, each new pair goes through a step by step fitting process to ensure they are comfortable, safe and ergonomically correct. These certainly are the best women's flip flops for plantar fasciitis.  

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Comfort and support are the main factors for these flip flops. With medical grade arch support, you will rest easy knowing that your feet are supported. The orthotic footbed included in these flip flops are made of medical grade EVA which is standard for any comfortable supportive flip flops to help plantar fasciitis. The deep heel cup padding conforms to the heel for a more secure feel. Our flip flops provide essential support to your legs and feet and are the best flip flops for plantar fasciitis. It is perfect for people who have plantar fascia, ankle problems, foot pain or any issues with the arch of their feet. Our products offer arch support and are the best women's flip flops for plantar fasciitis. 

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The best flip flops are the ones that provide excellent stability, motion control, and proper shock absorption. You need to make sure that the flip flops will support your arch without applying too much pressure to it. This can give you more confidence in walking in them. The plantar fasciitis flip flops are also necessary in delivering proper shock absorption to the heel footbed.

One of the most helpful ways to reduce both heel pain and stress on the legs is to get shock absorption. These comfortable flip flops are not only good for plantar fasciitis, but are the best men's flip flops for plantar fasciitis. They are also great for people with diabetes since they feature a footbed that is thicker than most. There is plenty of space in the toe box to move your toes around, even if you have an injury. Solethreads flip flops are one of the best flip flops for plantar fasciitis because they’re made with the comfort of your feet in mind. 

What Should I Look For In A Flip Flop For Plantar Fasciitis?

There are a few main characteristics that experts recommend: 

1. Arch support:

It is essential in most flip flops, but when looking for the best flip flop for plantar fasciitis, you really need to pay attention to how much arch support is offered. While you can add a piece of extra cushioning inside your sandals with orthotic inserts, the best thing to do is just get your sandals with maximum arch support, and this is something you should keep in mind when trying on different pairs. The best flip flops with arch support for plantar fasciitis tend to have a thick and comfortable heel strap so that it helps prevent pronation and offers adequate arch support.

2. Deep heel cup:

It cushions your heel for comfort, stability, and support. The contoured heel cup with added cushioning provides enhanced comfort, with a little room in the toe-box to provide greater flexibility. A deep heel cup also keeps your foot stable over the metatarsal area. Flip flops with this feature help promote alignment, prevent blisters, and provide arch support to spread the weight across your footbed.

3. Contoured footbed:

If you find your feet and back aching after a day at the beach, it might be time to try a flip flop with arch support. A contoured footbed does just that, by aligning the natural benefit of your toes and feet with back support being the best men's flip flops for plantar fasciitis. The result is equal weight distribution throughout your body as well as increased comfort. Put comfort into your stride with Solethreads Contoured Footbed flip flops.


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