Moulded With Love

A Solethreads flip flop is shaped through technology but made by hand, and created with passion by the women and men who invest their hearts, souls and expertise, into each and every pair. Each flip flop is unique in its structure, and is the result of the hands and imperfections that make it truly meant for YOU.

Pride Of Workmanship

Our employees are artists who are dedicated towards creating flip flops that are made with pride. Every sole is made by a soul who invests their passion and dedication into it, just for YOU.

Passion For The Craft

From creation to consignment, each flip flop is formulated using the latest technology, and is then skillfully designed, painstakingly created and precisely finished by our talented craftswomen and men - all this is done by hand. Our flip flops are thus made with a dedication and with a passion quite unlike any other, with YOU in mind.