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Top 15 Places To Visit In Dalhousie

places to visit in Dalhousie - Dalhousie road covered in snow

Nestled amid green pine and oak trees in the Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie is a pristine hill town on the Dhauladhar Range of Himalayas. Characterized by lush green mountains, glistening rivers, and cool mountain breeze, this serene town is one of India's assets. Dotted with amazing places, you can explore many fantastic things. There are many places to visit in Dalhousie which will make you feel calm and serene. 

We have curated a list of top 10 places to visit in Dalhousie:

1. Khajjar – The mini-Switzerland of India

 One of the best places to visit in Dalhousie is Khajjiar, in the mountains. Surrounded by a thick cover of deodar and pine trees with the snow-capped Himalayas in the backdrop, it makes for an excellent picnic spot for friends and family, making it one of the most beautiful Dalhousie attractions. For best experiences, you should plan a trip in December. 

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2. Diakund Peak – Tale of three rivers

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Dalhousie is Dainkund Peak. The hill is often called the ‘Singing Hill’ because it is so mesmerizing. It is one of the most recommended places in Dalhousie, with scenic views of green hills, valleys, and plains. The hills are stunning, but what makes this place stand out are the three rivers that flow through it, adding to its beauty.

3. Kalatop Wildlife Reserve – Home of the wild

One of the most popular places to visit in Dalhousie is the Himalayan Bear Reserve. It is home to a vast number of wild animals, which is why it’s one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh. The park has a lot more than just wild animals too. A nearby river provides water for the park and blue pine, deodar, and oak trees line the Kalatop hills which is why it is the best tourist places in Dalhousie. 

places to visit in Dalhousie- St. Francis church

4. St. Francis Catholic Church 

This magnificent church has a European vibe and the décor. It has been around since 1894 and it is a major tourist attractions in Dalhousie and a popular place of worship. The church's distinguishing charm is what makes it one of the most visited tourist attractions in Dalhousie. This spiritual sanctum makes for a great respite for those who have experienced all the adventure-packed hubs of Dalhousie. 

5. Panchpula – The lifeline of Dalhousie

Dalhousie is well-known for its natural beauty, and one place worth visiting is Panchpula. This beautiful place in Dalhousie includes small waterfalls, sparkling streams, and the samadhi of Sardar Ajit Singh. Its serene hiking trails make it one of the best places to visit in Dalhousie. 

places to visit in Dalhousie - Satdhara falls

6. Satdhara Falls – The water that heals

Located on the Panchpula route, Satdhara Falls are a must see. The powerful falls are said to have therapeutic properties. This natural beauty is a perfect spot for rejuvenation and relaxation for visitors, and is among the most popular sightseeing places in Dalhousie. Visitors are welcome to take a dip into the falls, or just spend time admiring their beauty. They are also great for couples looking for a romantic place to spend time together as it is the beautiful places in Dalhousie. 

7. Rang Mahal – The fusion of Mughal and British influences

The Rang Mahal is a stunning mixture of two architectural styles. It is a reminder of the rich history of the region, and attracts crowds of tourists every year. The paintings on its walls portray the life of Lord Krishna, and it is located in one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dalhousie. 

8. Chamera Lake – Scenic beauty plus water conservation

This place for sightseeing in Dalhousie is the best places in Dalhousie to visit. The Chamera Lake, built over the river Ravi, is an artificial reservoir and a part of the Chamera Hydroelectric Project. The dam here provides water to the surrounding villages, including Bhandal Valley which is full of tall pine trees. It's also famous for water sports like river rafting, motor boating, canoeing, and kayaking. 

9. Mall Road – Glorious vistas of Pir Panjal 

It is one of the best places to visit in Dalhousie. It's a hub for both fashion fiends and foodies. There's such an array of goods here, like momos and knick-knacks, that you can buy. This is not only a popular tourist destination but also a neighbourhood where locals can go to relax and enjoy the breath-taking Pir Panjal mountain ranges which offer a sight to admire as it is one of the beautiful places in Dalhousie. 

places to visit in Dalhousie - Sach pass

10. Sach Pass- The Trekkers Paradise 

There is a beautiful hiking trail near Dalhousie that starts with Sach Pass and never ends. You can drive through some of the most enchanting scenery on earth and make your way to the Pangi Valley, which is said to be one of the remotest places in Himachal Pradesh. It is an adventure that one should not miss on their tour through Dalhousie. You can also enjoy some beautiful sightseeing places in Dalhousie

places to visit in Dalhousie - Tibetan market

11. Tibetan Market

Without a doubt, the Tibetan Market is one of the best places to visit in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh. It's not hard to find because it’s located in Gandhi Chowk. Visitors can enjoy traditional Tibetan culture and handicrafts, like woollens, colourful, handmade carpets, home decor items, beautifully carved jewellery, Chamba slippers, and shawls. Moreover, this place is also the place to buy cheap electronics and toys as the best tourist places in Dalhousie. 

12. Bakrota Hills – Sightseeing 

With its amazing views of mountains, Bakrota hills is one of the top places for sightseeing in Dalhousie. It offers visitors the opportunity to walk around and breathe in fresh air, or to simply enjoy breathtaking sceneries. This place is soul-refreshing; bring your loved ones here for some wonderful memories. But if snow and mountains are not your thing, head to Indore and see top 10 places to visit in Indore. 

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13. Subhash Baoli – Go for a Picnic

 If you're looking for best places to visit in Dalhousie, a place to relax and enjoy your vacation, head over to Subhash Baoli. Surrounded by snow-covered mountains and located 1km from Dalhousie, it is an ideal spot for people to visit in every season. There are many dhabas, fast food shops selling drinks and local food to the visitors serving as the best tourist places in Dalhousie. 

14. Dalhousie Community Garden – Take a walk 

This little garden is visited by people for sightseeing in Dalhousie. This little garden in Dalhousie overlooks magnificent mountains, and is a must-see in December. It was created by diverting a natural stream to flow in a man-made hillside. For nature enthusiasts and photographers alike, it's a tranquil and relaxing place for a well-deserved break from the crowded city. 

15. Norwood Paramdham – Watch the sunset

This place has an amazing view. Apart from its serene aura, the area is great for watching the sunset, which is one of nature's marvels. You will have a great time here and be pleased at the prospect of visiting this extraordinary place as one of the beautiful places in Dalhousie. 

Famous things in Dalhousie:

places to visit in Dalhousie - Paragliding in Khajjar

1. Khajjar – Go paragliding

 For the adventure-seeker, this quirky town is the perfect place to come and try out all sorts of exciting outdoor activities. From paragliding to zorbing, there is something for everyone in this small town in south India. Closed during the winter months due to excessive snowfall, it is best to visit in the months of January to June when the landscape is at its most beautiful. It is the one of the most famous things in Dalhousie for an adventure. 

2. Chamera Lake – Go fishing 

If you love boating and fishing, Chamera lake is the place for you. It is the best places in Dalhousie to visit. If you are free, you should visit this spot early in the morning to experience sunrise in the serene weather. 

3. Tibetan Handicrafts Market – Buy something exquisite here

This market is a great place to find an affordable variety of items, from beautiful scarves and shawls to carpets and jewellery. The best part is that you can satisfy your foody soul with the delicious foods sold at the stalls. If you're looking for a souvenir for friends or family, this market has a variety of options to choose from. This market is the best places to visit in Dalhousie. 

We hope you enjoy our recommendations on beautiful places in Dalhousie. Please, share your thoughts below.