Top 10 Tourist Places In Karnataka

Karnataka is a state that offers diverse tourist attractions. Many people may not know about these tourist places in Karnataka that are perfect for an exciting getaway. Known for its heritage destinations and its wildlife, Karnataka’s geography lends it to many different, stunning locations. From historic and quintessential landscapes on the coast to forests, hills, temples, caves, beaches, riversides, lakes, coffee estates, waterfalls and ruins in the Deccan Plateau and Western Ghats, there's plenty of adventure available in Karnataka. These famous places in Karnataka are all about travel galore.

Here is our list of top 10 tourist places in Karnataka:

tourist places in karnataka - Jog falls

1. Jog Falls – Where a heartfelt “Wow” is the first reaction

Jog Falls is one of the most famous places in Karnataka, and it's no wonder why. Visitors will be able to see Gersoppa Falls, which is the second tallest waterfall in the country. It's divided into four segments: Raja, Rocket, Rani, and Roarer. This amazing spot provides a beautiful and breath-taking sight that any traveller in the Karnataka region should experience. This is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka. 

2. Gokarna

If you're looking for a relaxed and comforting beach vacation, look no further than Gokarna. This Indian destination has long been a favourite of both backpackers and travellers, and is one of the most well-known destinations in Karnataka. Its many temples and pristine beaches make it one of the fascinating tourist attractions in Karnataka. It is an important Hindu pilgrim hub and a popular tourist retreat, thanks to its beaches and water sports, as well as its thrilling catamaran rides which is why it is one of the must visit places in Karnataka. 

tourist places in karnataka - Hampi

3. Hampi 

Hampi, a small Kannad village located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, is now recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the top tourist places in Karnataka. This village is popular for showcasing the ruins and remnants of Vijayanagara Kingdom. One of the best places to visit in Karnataka, Hampi boasts a barren landscape with stony hills. Include this in your list of top 10 tourist places in Karnataka.

4. Belur 

This town is full of history and rich culture. From the Chennakesava Temple, to the many temples that house deities, there's plenty to explore in this ancient town. Once the ancient capital of the Hoysala empire, this place is one of the major tourist attractions in Karnataka for anyone who wants to explore India. Don’t forget to include this in the list of the best tourist places in Karnataka. 


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5. Kudremukh 

Kudremukh is one of the must visit places in Karnataka to travel for its stunning beauty, biodiversity, and lush forests. Surrounded by rolling meadows and fields, this hill station is a favourite place to travel in Karnataka among visitors to the nearby city of Bangalore. With so much natural beauty nearby, it's no surprise that Kudremukh is a hotspot for biodiversity which makes it one of the most famous places in Karnataka

tourist places in karnataka - Madikeri

6. Madikeri

If you're looking for a getaway from your daily routine, Madikeri is the perfect place to visit. With its natural beauty, lush green forests, scenic landscapes, monasteries, temples, and dazzling waterfalls, it provides visitors with a serene and tranquil environment. Madikeri's rich traditions and culture have made it an intriguing place to explore. It is one of the serene tourist spots in Karnataka for impeccable sights. 

7. Agumbe

If you are looking for a truly rejuvenating vacation to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city, Agumbe is one of the most beautiful places to travel in Karnataka. It is home to many rare medicinal plants that are not found in other places. Besides the obvious attractions, the list of activities includes visiting Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, going trekking, rafting, hiking, and bike-riding.

tourist places in karnataka - Coorg

8. Coorg

Coorg is located in the state of Karnataka. The area has many mesmerizing attractions which is why it is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka. Mountains are abundant with coffee estates and waterfalls which makes it one of the spectacular and famous places in Karnataka. It's called "Scotland of India" because of its natural beauty. Tourists visit every year, and it is one of the most popular attractions in India. 

Exciting and exhilarating, the coffee and spice plantations offer a variety of treks that will help you discover the region. Travelers can visit elephant camps, take a boat ride along the river, or visit wildlife sanctuaries and famous monasteries. The Madikeri market is also waiting to entice you with its colours and smells as the top tourist attractions in Karnataka. 

One thing you should not miss out on while in Karnataka is travelling to the top 10 places in Coorg. 

9. Kabini – Witness wildlife in natural habitat

Kabini is one of the most picturesque and best places to visit in Karnataka. The picturesque location is on the bank of River Kabini, which flows into Cauvery. It is near Rajiv Gandhi National Park, Bandipur Forest, and Nagarhole National Park, giving the opportunity to explore wildlife. This place offers an outstanding experience of nature and makes it one of the best tourist spots in Karnataka. 

10. Karwar- Offbeat and Off-The-Wall

This summer, Karnataka has a new, tourism-worthy gem: Karwar. It's about a three-hour drive from Bengaluru and is located at the Karnataka-Goa border. Karwar is a great place for those who want to get away from the populous and humdrum city life. The beaches, temples, and fortresses of Karwar are the major tourist places in Karnataka. 

What are the famous things to do in Karnataka?

Explore some of the famous places in Karnataka in a pair of comfortable flip flops that are water-friendly as well as sturdy.

  1. Take a trip to Hampi, whether by yourself or with your family. This fascinating city will leave you with plenty of stories to tell.
  2. Explore the coffee plantation and dive in the mesmerising beauty of the countryside.
  3. Enjoy the banana boat rides in Gokarna as it is one of the most famous places in Karnataka. 
  4. When you visit the Karnataka region, make sure you visit Agumbe, a famous tourist places in Karnataka. You can find a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy all of the amazing sites that it has to offer as it is one of the famous tourist places in Karnataka. 
  5. The Jog Falls look like they're falling from the sky and forming a thick fog as they land. As if to draw attention to their power and ferocity, or to remind us of their uncontrolled rage which makes it look beautiful and one of the best tourist places in Karnataka. 
  6. The Kudremukh National Park is a place of natural beauty and an important safety net for endangered species, such as the lion-tailed macaque and the tiger. This national park should be in your list of top tourist places in Karnataka. 
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These are the 10 best tourist places in Karnataka. Karnataka is a great place to explore and sightsee. Please let us know how many of these places you have visited and plan to visit in the comment box below.