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Top 10 Places To Visit In Nashik

Top 10 Places To Visit In Nashik

Oh! It is already March and before the temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius let us plan an awesome vacation. Is this what you are thinking right now? India is known for its spectacular and cultural beauty. Nashik in Maharashtra is one place that must be on your bucket list if you wish to spend a memorable vacation within budget. We have come up with the top 10 places to visit in Nashik, just have a glance at them and we are sure you will start to book your tickets soon. 

The best time to visit Nashik:

  • October
  • November
  • December
  • February 
  • March

We know you are very excited to know more about this place. However, before we dive into the article to know about the best places in Nashik, let us first get a brief idea about the geographic location as well as the history of this place. Nashik is located in the northern part of the state of Maharashtra and is known for its cultural heritage, historical significance as well as scenic beauty. It is believed that in his 12 years tenure of exile Lord Rama spent a lot of time in this city. That is the reason why Nashik hosts the Kumbh Mela every 12 years and that is one of the main attractions in Nashik for pilgrims and other travelers around the world. 

Top 10 tourist places in Nashik:

From temples, Ghats, caves to wine yards, there is an array of places to see in Nashik. Let us check out the best places to visit in Nashik and know more about it. Are you ready to explore? So, let's get started:

1. Ramkund

Ramkund must be on your list of top 10 places to visit in Nashik. Located on the bank of the Godavari river, this sacred bathing Ghats is also the venue of the famous Kumbh Mela.  If you are planning to visit this holy place, then make sure you need to walk a lot and that means you need comfortable footwear. Check out the range of comfortable slippers and flip flops by Solethreads. These are anti-skid footwears that will be your best friend while exploring the tourist attractions in Nashik. It is believed that Lord Rama used to bathe here and is therefore considered to be holy. 

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2. Trimbakeshwar temple

When you search for the best places to visit in Nashik, you will always see the famous Trimbakeshwar temple topping the list of other attractions. This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and was constructed by none other than the Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao. This is one of the sacred and best places in Nashik that houses dozens of Jyotirilingas and the famous Kushavarta (sacred pond). This must be on the list of must-visit places in Nashik if you love rich architecture and sculptural marvels. 

3. Sula Vineyards

If you are thinking there are only mythological tourist places in Nashik, then you are wrong. For all the wine lovers, this place also has Sula Vineyards. This place is around 15kms away from the main city and is said to be the first winery in Nashik. This place is amongst the top searched Nashik famous places and we are sure you will love the unparalleled experience of seeing the process of winemaking. 

Top 10 Places To Visit In Nashik - Vineyards

4. Pandavleni Caves

Pandavleni caves is another amongst the best tourist places in Nashik that date back to the 2nd century BC. The Buddhist Hinayana architecture consists of 24 intricately carved caves. If you love history, then these caves are the best places in Nashik for you to visit. The caves showcase a lot about the Buddhist teachings and are a stunner.

5. Coin Museum

If you want to see the rich collection of coins from various historical times, then the Coin museum should be included in the list of your best places to visit in Nashik. This museum gives you vast knowledge about the Numismatics of India and is one of a kind in the whole of Asia. This place is also one of the best tourist places in Nashik due to its location. It is located at the foothills of Anjaneri mountains. 

6. Saptashrungi temple

Saptashrungi is another famous tourist destination amongst the places to visit in Nashik. Saptashrungi means seven peaks and is popular among tourists for its Saptashrungi Nivasini temple. It is believed that a part of Sati’s body fell at this particular place. It is one of the sacred and beautiful places in Nashik. It is also said that Lord Rama, Sita, and Laxmana used to come to this place and seek the blessings of goddess Sati during their exile period of 12 years.

7. Anjneri

If you are searching for the best sightseeing places in Nashik, then Anjaneri Mountains are a must for you. This place is said to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman and is associated with Ramayana. At the hilltop, there is a temple that is amongst the best places in Nashik. The breathtaking view of the hilltop is the best for those who love trekking.

8. Muktidham temple

Built-in the year 1971, the Muktidham temple is made up of white marble from Makrana, Rajasthan. This white beauty is one of the Nashik famous places to visit that houses twelve Jyotirlingas. The distinctive architecture makes it one of the best places to visit in Nashik. The walls of this temple are inscribed with the verses of the entire Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta.

9. Umbrella falls Bhandardara

Located about 69 km from the main city of Nashik, Umbrella Falls is one of the best places to visit in Nashik. It is one of the best tourist attractions near Nashik due to its scenic beauty. The water falling from the mountains looks like milk. This waterfall must be amongst the best places to visit in Nashik for everyone who travels to this city.

10. Vihigaon waterfall

Searching for another best place worth sightseeing in Nashik? Well! Vihigaon Waterfall is a must for you then. It is one of the most alluring places in Nashik that is worth visiting. It is located in the forest area of Western Ghats and is known for its natural beauty.


There are ample of best places in Nashik to visit and here is a list of some more that you can choose from:

  • Zonkers Adventure Park
  • Salher
  • Deolali Camp

Now you don’t need to Google more on Nashik famous places as we have already given you a list. We hope you will surely plan a trip soon and visit these mesmerizing places.