Top 10 Places To Visit In Kasauli

places to visit in kasauli

Kasauli — a town in India — is famous for three major attractions. People come from all over the world to visit these attractions and enjoy their incredible scenic views. You can go up hundreds of steps to visit a temple, witness the majesty of the sunset, and walk on a trail that leads to heaven. These places to visit in Kasauli will take your breath away. 

Here are the Top 10 places to visit in Kasauli:

places to visit in kasauli - Gilbert trail

1. Gilbert Trail

Kasauli is a beautiful town, and Gilbert Trail is one of its most beautiful spots. A picturesque 1.5 km walkway that provides access to nature at every turn, the trail commences from Lover's Lane and leads into natural beauty. Lush greenery, magnificently flora, and the opportunity to watch birds should delight any admirer of nature. Gilbert Trail includes all the beauty of Kasauli, making it one of the best places to visit in Kasauli.

places to visit in kasauli - sunset point

2. Sunset Point

Think you've seen everything? You haven't seen it till you visit Kasauli's Sunset Point. This place has everything a photographer, nature lover, and adventure seeker could ever want. This is why it is a mesmerising place for sightseeing in Kasauli. There's a swing here that you can sit on and enjoy the astounding view of the sunset. Sunset Point is located on a hilly terrain surrounded by absolute peace and beauty. It should be on the top of your best places to visit in Kasauli. 

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3. Manki Point

A place not to be missed by travelers is Manki Point. The highest point in the region, it's an excellent monkey spotting point, but also the Kasauli Air Force Station where you can witness everything from their weapons to sightseeing in Kasauli. Located at the top of this point is the Hanuman Temple, which is believed to be the resting point of Lord Hanuman when he was carrying sanjeevani booti. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in Kasauli.

4. Christ Church

The best part of your tour is the historic Christ Church which is the best place for sightseeing in Kasauli. It's located on the Mall Road, and it's the oldest church of Himachal. Include this in the list of must visit places in Kasauli. You'll be spellbound by both the gothic architecture and the cemetery. So, make sure to visit this place at least once. This place is one of the best places to visit in Kasauli once in your life. 

5. Sunrise Point

Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, Kasauli has locations for your adventures. Kasauli is home to Sunset Point for those who want to beat the sun with their beauty sleep, and Sunrise Point for those who want to see the sun before it's too late. Nature lovers can visit this place to photograph animals in their environment, couples can go together during the romantic twilight hours, or photographers can capture both sunrise and sunset on camera. Undoubtedly, it is one of the top 10 places to visit in Kasauli

6. Gurkha Fort

Gurkha Fort is a historic and the best places in Kasauli to visit. At the top of the hill, it houses 180-year old cannons that were used during the Gurkha wars and has ancient frescoes on its walls. It is surrounded by a forest of scrubs, pines, and eucalyptus trees that offer pampering to both the nature lover and history buff. This makes it one of the best tourist attractions in Kasauli.  

places to visit in kasauli - The mall road

7. The Mall Road

The Mall Road is a favourite tourist destination for locals and visitors because of its many shops, stalls, and cafes. In summer, it's a great place to buy colourful fabrics and handicrafts. In winter, you'll have a chance to try out lip-smacking local delicacies and try some refreshing drinks. No matter when you go, you will find something to do.So, if you're thinking about shopping, the Mall Road is the must visit places in Kasauli.  

8. Kasauli Brewery

Kasauli is great for escaping the heat, but this brewery still offers a cool respite.  Founded by Edward Dyer in the 1820s, this is one of the oldest distilleries for scotch whiskey in Asia. This makes it one of the best tourist places in Kasauli for a relaxing time. Enjoy some late-night drinks with family and friends after exploring this place. This brewery is the best places in Kasauli to visit with your acquaintances. 

9. Timber Trail Resort

Spread over two mighty hills, the Timber Trail Resort offers a great holiday destination and a charming place for families with kids to spend time which is why it is the best tourist attractions in Kasauli. With paragliding, zip-lining, and a cable car ride, it's an excellent location for those looking for fun. Located in the north of India, the resort is about a 40 km drive from Kasauli and offers breath-taking views of everything from the town to the meandering Kaushalya River. This should be in your list of beautiful places in Kasauli to visit

10. Central Research Institute

The Central Research Institute, established by the Britishers during colonial rule, was the first of its kind in India. Now a stunning campus involved in research and development, travellers from around the world come to see its buildings and colonial connections. Not only is it famous for its architecture, but it also developed vaccines for various diseases like smallpox, cholera, snakebite, and typhoid. Don’t forget to include this in the list of must visit places in kasauli. 

What should you consider while visiting Kasauli?

1. The beautiful places in Kasauli can be visited year-round. But, we recommend you to check the weather forecast to make the most out of your trip. 

2. Make sure you have sturdy and comfortable footwear. Ensure that the flip-flops you are wearing are safe for walking. Comfortable flip flops that are well-fitted will help you throughout this trip.

3. Gurkha Fort is one of the best places in Kasauli to visit. But don't forget to carry some water so you can stay hydrated. Visit this fort as the famous things in Kasauli to do. 

4. Kasauli is a small town. If you only have time for one day, plan to spend at least two to three days there so that you not only have enough time to visit all the best tourist places in Kasauli but also have enough time to enjoy the pure nature.

5. When shopping and visiting the best tourist places in Kasauli, don’t forget to stop by at a local restaurant and try the local delicacies for an authentic experience.

6. The town offers a number of things to do, such as trekking tours, nature walks, Gilbert trail, and toy train ride as famous things in Kasauli to do. 

Best Time To Visit Kasauli

The best time of year to visit Kasauli is during monsoon season. The region receives less rainfall and the beauty of nature during that time attracts hundreds of tourists. The best tourist places in Kasauli can be visited by everyone, whether they're backpackers or families or honeymooners looking to spend some romantic moments. If you want to enjoy snowfall, winter is a good time to visit. In December, the weather will remain chilly and the temperature may drop below 4 degrees Celsius. Be cautious while visiting these tourist attractions in Kasauli. 

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Himachal Pradesh is a natural treasure trove with a land of spectacular natural beauty. If you’re looking to go on vacation, make sure you stop by Kasauli at least for two days. If you do, we can promise the time of your life. Make your trip easy and stress-free. If you have any other suggestions, leave us a comment below.