How Sustainable Fashion Footwear Helps The Environment

Earth continues to experience climate change and many people are wondering how they can help the planet. You might know that recycling, using all-natural products, and carpooling are ways you can help but did you know wearing sustainable flip flops is another way of sustainable fashion. 

Sustainability is a focus on conscious living that places you at peace with nature. A sustainable life has less pollution and a smaller carbon footprint, and helps keep the earth healthy for generations to come. It's important to do your part in maintaining fashion for good, and one way of doing so is by purchasing a brand that practices sustainable fashion.

You know how to help the planet, but you’re probably not doing all these things. Here are our recommendations on how to be more eco-friendly:

1. First, be sure you’re recycling as much as possible, avoiding harsh chemicals and putting your trash in its place—away from water sources.

2. Second, make sure you’re cleaning with all-natural products so you don’t pollute the land and water around you.

3. Finally, try carpooling instead of driving alone. Fashion for Good believes in designing and producing a range of fashion made using high ethical standards and sustainable manufacturing. Let’s work together to create ethical fashion for good conscious fashion and sustainability. Our ultimate guide on recycled footwear fashion will help you keep up with the changing trends and be more environment conscious. 

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What is responsible fashion?

Sustainable or responsible sourcing (SR) refers to the practices and principles of manufacturing, consumption and reducing environmental impact. That sounds like a lot to bite off, but SR is a concept that companies are taking on board and becoming more widespread in their approach towards production. As a sustainable fashion brand we aim to educate the consumer while making sustainability accessible through conscious fashion. We believe that even one small change is important in the fight against climate change, pollution and global warming - so every step you take in your sustainable slippers and sustainable slides counts. It will also account for ethical fashion. Fashion for good also inspires the invention and adoption of good fashion practice. 

What are Responsibly sourced slippers?

As their name implies, responsibly sourced slippers are slippers that are made following the business standards and practices described above. They might cost a little more than the fast fashion ones you can pick up on your lunch break, but the quality is higher and the manufacturing process is more humane. Today, more retailers than ever before are embracing the sustainable fashion model. Sure, you could go to your local big box store and find a relatively inexpensive pair of sneakers or casual shoes, pay for them, and go about your day. But why shouldn’t you pay more attention to how your footwear choices impact the environment? That’s why we are a sustainable fashion brand. 

By purchasing a pair of our sustainable sliders, you are directly supporting sustainable footwear and fashion for good. Can you guess which of these shoes are eco-friendly? Of course, this explanation isn't to cast blame, but to reveal that there's a better, easier way of living sustainably. Ethical fashion will also reduce the negative impact on the environment.

sustainable fashion - Recycling process

Wearing footwear that is good for the Earth

Today we are going to go over the importance of sustainable fashion. The fashion industry is one of the most important industries for products that can save our planet being responsible fashion. Because of the amount of waste created throughout the manufacturing processes and the global distribution channels to get products, it's become a necessity for fashion to adapt to sustainability and follow conscious fashion. As a sustainable fashion brand, we follow ethical and sustainable fashion. We have many sustainable footwear to make the environment much better. 

You want to feel good about your purchases. When you buy from a footwear brand that focuses on fashion and sustainability, you're helping to prevent some of the waste produced in manufacturing. You're also making an effort to take your health into consideration, which is always a positive step towards fashion and sustainability. Conscious fashion is the fashion of future acting as a vehicle for positive change. That is why we urge you to wear sustainable footwear. 

That's where the Sustainable Slides and sustainable house slippers come in. They're stylish, vibrant and most of all, sustainable. In fact, one of the main draws to them from consumers is that they're a much better alternative than a lot of the other products on the market. When you purchase these sustainable flip flops you'll be getting a great product as well as doing your part for the environment. 

Do you know the kinds of materials that are used to make environmentally friendly slippers

We're not just talking about recycled or reused materials here. We're talking about eco-friendly materials that have been through a rigorous testing process, have quantifiable results, and have been deemed better for your health, the environment, and the world as a whole following ethical fashion. As a sustainable fashion brand we follow conscious fashion and try to run a positive impact on our customers. 

Our efforts towards sustainability

Are flip flops sustainable? As Solethreads is a sustainable fashion brand, we have initiated The Solester Reuse Program where we use recycled slippers (amongst other recycled material) to make new ones. That's why we have sourced high-quality upcycled products and made them available to the public. These recycled goods are equal in value and quality to their non-recycled counterparts. You can enjoy ethical fashion without compromising on comfort. 

As a sustainable fashion brand, we believe in being socially responsible, which is why we are supporting the cause of bringing back ethical fashion. Our mission is to make sustainable fashion accessible for all. 

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