How Eco Friendly Fashion Contributes To Saving The Environment

Footwear, in its purest form, is a necessity for the average consumer. These products offer support and protection for the feet against the various surfaces that we all walk on each day. But do we really think about how we can make a contribution by being more eco-friendly? Being eco-friendly is a trend that is growing in fashion and lifestyle. The market for sustainable and eco friendly fashion is growing rapidly. 

Are Your Shoes Eco-Friendly?

If your flip flops aren't eco friendly, then you're probably not being kind to the environment, and if you're not being kind to the environment, then your heart is really in the wrong place. I'm guessing that's not what you want. So read on and  find out how you can be a friendlier person and follow eco fashion, by wearing eco flip flops. 

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Sustainable Shoes: What Makes Them That Way?

If you're an environmentally conscious consumer, then you already know that eco flip flops are better than most of their competitors . But, what makes them actually eco friendly? After all, many products can be labelled as 'green' but it's just a label that covers up the product's dirty secrets. Read on to find out how sustainable footwear is different from the rest of its competitors. 

If you're looking for some eco-friendly shoes, then look no further. One way is to consider your materials and how they are made. Some materials are innately more environmentally friendly than others. For example, leather is a material that traditionally has been associated with quality and durability — and today we've discovered that this is because it can be made in a more sustainable way too. Because of these reasons, we want to make sure that you know what makes some eco-friendly materials better than others and inculcate eco fashion. 

We're not just talking about recycled or reused materials here. We're talking about eco-friendly materials that have been through a rigorous testing process, have quantifiable results, and have been deemed better for your health, the environment, and the world as a whole.

1. Recycled

Finding comfort and style in a pair of eco friendly flip flops is as easy as picking out a well-crafted, high-quality pair. Recycled shoes are becoming more popular, especially among environmentally conscious consumers. Nowadays, you can find recycled shoes made from all kinds of materials, including plastic. But some eco fashion companies have even started looking at sustainable alternatives to leather.

2. Algae

Algae is the future. It is a fast-growing, sustainable plant that creates a strong and resilient material for shoes. Gone are the days of leather and foam: algae is both vegan-friendly and preserves natural water supplies, as well as being sustainable and wearing eco friendly sliders with pride. The benefit of such a material? It can be dyed any colour, it has a comfortable fit, and it's ultra-lightweight. 

3. Hemp

Hemp is back, and is better than ever. Hemp is a versatile fibre that can be used to make everything from clothing to building materials, and it's slowly making its way back into stores and homes. Hemp is a sustainable fabric that needs less water, fewer pesticides, and fewer fertilizers than its competitors in the cotton-spandex industry.

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How Can You Find eco-friendly flip flops?

Getting eco-friendly shoes from a sustainable brand is more important than you think. The truth is, a lot of companies claim to be eco-friendly, but they're not — or they try to be without properly holding up to their promises. But at Solethreads, we offer options that enable customers to get comfortable eco friendly fashion while promoting a cleaner environment. One example of this eco friendly or green fashion is eco flip flops. We don't just make reclaimed footwear — we make it much, much healthier than it was before. Each pair is made from sustainable materials. 

Eco Friendly Shoes for a Sustainable Future

Eco friendly slides are at the forefront of sustainable design, with brands constantly working to create products that are good for the people who wear them and good for the world, too. As more people start to understand the harmful environmental effects caused by some synthetic materials, many consumers will begin to look at flip flops they can trust, like our favourite eco flip flops. We have dived deep into organic fashion and offer eco friendly slides, eco flip flops and vegan slippers. 

The materials we use not only reduces waste but can also be used to create a sturdy and comfortable pair of vegan slippers and be a part of the latest organic fashion trends. Our ultimate guide to recycled footwear fashion will help you understand the changing trends and stay comfortable at the same time. 

Whether you’re a fashion-forward or practical shopper, it’s important to consider the impacts of your purchases on the environment. Eco fashion is a growing trend that aims to reduce the negative impacts of fashion products, while simultaneously improving quality and style. Making conscious purchasing decisions by getting eco friendly fashion is an important step in becoming more aware and following the green fashion bandwagon. 

eco friendly fashion - circular fashion future

Standing for a Brighter Future

Eco-friendly products support a better future — and that is a commitment that brands have started  taking seriously. Through a wide array of items, they follow organic fashion. There are plenty of ways to be responsible consumers, whether you're heading to the beach or attending a formal event. Indulge yourself in green fashion with our favourite eco friendly fashion.  

We are committed to provide our customers with fashion and healthy footwear with right prices. Our products are comfortable, flip flops are eco friendly and stylish. Thanks to our skilled workforce, we care for every step of our work and ensure the high quality of our products. Moreover, our customer service is available to help you at any time. 

Next time you're in the market for a new pair of flip flops, make sure they come into the realm of eco friendly fashion. Not only are these eco friendly but are more comfortable and less harmful to the environment, and yes, they actually look great. 

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