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Sole-ful Resolutions: The Must-Have Sneakers to Elevate Your New Year Wardrobe

Sole-ful Resolutions: The Must-Have Sneakers to Elevate Your New Year Wardrobe

The new year always brings some new resolutions to adhere to. But this time, we are here to make it more interesting with the sole-ful resolutions of Sneakers. When we talk about sneakers, we at Solethreads bring the most interesting yet stylish sneakers that will blow your mind. Our sneakers are not only stylish but they also bet right on the sustainability factor. Solethreads casual sneakers for women and men are available widely on our website and you can choose one according to your choice and need. So, without any further ado, let’s move ahead and give you a glimpse of our best-selling sneakers that will make your sneaky resolution more interesting and sustainable. 

The Best 5 Solethreads Sneakers Fashion Sneakers for Women and Men 

Are you excited to check out Solethreads sneakers which will elevate your fashion senses to the next level? Well, in the below section, we will be covering the same with some of their best features: 

1. Rise: The Comfy Classic

Rise: The Comfy Classic

Rise is one of our hot-selling black and white sneakers for men. This sneaker is available in 3 different shades with a stylish design. The back rim of the shoe is high rise and the bold colour of the sneakers looks elegant when styled with rugged denim jeans. This stylish shoe is 100% vegan and is made with recycled material. So, this shoe is not only high on fashion but is sustainable as well. Moreover, the memory foam insole provides a very comfortable feel even for long days. 

2. Doodle: The Classic Feel

Doodle: The Classic Feel

For our second resolution, we bring you one of the most classic collections of our- “Doodle”. This sneaker is a masterpiece as it brings a sense of fashion and creativity with its unique design. The outsole of this black high-top sneaker is made with ECOTRED anti-skid rubber sole which prevents accidental slippings and gives you more confidence while walking. Moreover, this sneaker is available in 3 colour variations i.e., black, blue, and white. 

3. Spectre: For the Sneaker Spirit 

Spectre: For the Sneaker Spirit

Moving further, we are unveiling another must-have Solethreads sneaker that expresses the true spirit of stylish sneakers. The minimal design of the sneaker makes it look more appealing when paired with casuals or denim jeans. Moreover, it is available in 4 different shades and the best one is the “Khaki and white” shade. Also, the 3D knit RESPIMESH lining for breathability makes it a perfect pick for a long day. So, next time you want an awesome pair of minimal sneakers, then don’t forget to bet on Spectre. 

4. Fluid: Effortless Elegance in Motion

Fluid: Effortless Elegance in Motion

Our fourth resolution takes us to explore another Solethreads gem, “Fluid”. This is one of the most unique fashion sneakers for women as it is made without shoelaces which gives it a true essence of sneakers. This sneaker can be well paired with casual or fashionable outfits and is undeniably the best option for date nights. Moreover, this sneaker is available in 3 different shades out of which the “Biege” shades stand out. The best part, the upper of this sneaker is made with water-friendly premium Italian faux leather, so you can make a splash in the water fearlessly. 

5. Poise: Striking the Perfect Balance

Poise: Striking the Perfect Balance

As we are at the end of our exploration, it is time to unveil another Solethreads marvel, “Poise”. The elegant design of the Poise makes it a must-have for all sneaker lovers. The meticulously crafted design of this sneaker ensures you look poised and polished no matter what the occasion is. Paying attention to comfort, this sneaker has the comfy and cushioned insoles to make every step a delightful experience. Also, you can pair these sneakers with your night party event or your daily office strolls. The best part, this sneaker is available in 3 elegant shades i.e.; beige, mint, and white. 

What Unique Features make the Solethreads Sneakers a must-have for you?

Now, that you have our 5 best sneakers in your mind, it's time to convince you to bet on these sneakers. Below are some of the outstanding features of the Solethreads fashion sneakers for women and men:

  • Comfortable: Comfort is not just a feature, it's a promise of the Solethreads sneakers. The memory foam of the Solethreads sneakers makes every step of yours a comfortable journey. 
  • Vegan: We understand the concern of our nature and therefore, we proudly embrace vegan fashion, ensuring that style doesn’t come with a compromise. 
  • Recycled: Solethreads takes a positive step towards manufacturing all our sneakers recyclable. All our sneakers and eco-friendly, so you can flaunt your sneakers knowing that they are nature-friendly. 
  • Final Words 

    So, now you have your resolution for New Year which is betting right on comfort, vegan, style, and individuality. All the Solethreads sneakers for women and men are so stylish and elegant that you can pair them easily with your favorite outfit without compromising on the sustainability factor. We invite you to explore our exclusive sneakers collection and pick the most perfect sneakers that matches your vibe.