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Choose The Right Type Of Slippers For Bunions

best slippers for bunions - A foot with bunion

A bunion is a condition of foot that occurs when the bones in your start to shift and grow out of place. It results in the tip of your big toe getting pulled and the joint where the big and little toes meet becoming more pronounced. The skin can become red and sore. Bunions can develop for a variety of reasons, including the shape of your foot or arthritis. 

Here are some common signs and symptoms of a bunion:

  1. Bump on the outside of your big toe
  2. You might experience a red, swollen toe. 
  3. You might even have a corn or callus on the top of your toe.
  4. Ongoing pain or pain that comes and goes
  5. Limited movement of your big to 

What role do flip flops play in treating bunions?

To get rid of bunion pain, you have to reduce the forces within the big toe joint that cause bunion formation. A critical step to achieve pain-free feet starts from when you decide to wear the proper footwear. 

The big toe joint of the affected foot may become deformed (bunions), swollen and very painful. Most doctors/podologists recommend wearing comfortable footwear that does not aggravate your condition. It is very important to find the best slippers for bunions to provide your feet maximum comfort.   

Choose flip flops that offer adequate arch support if you plan to stand or walk for long periods of time. The best slippers for bunions should have adequate arch support and should be the best slippers for your bunion feet. 

Protect your feet by wearing slippers for bunion feet. This will help prevent bunion pain and keep your feet happy which is why you should use bunion corrector slippers, recommended by your doctor. 

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The best slippers for bunions should do two things:

  1. Eliminate pressure from your big toes with high-quality slippers. To do this, a slipper must have an excellent arch. The closer the arch of the slipper resembles that of the foot, the more likely it is to succeed in transferring the pressure from the big toe joint.
  2. Avoid pinching the side of the bunion, this might require a slipper which is flexible and makes room. 

Recommended slipper features for treating bunions

In order to reduce compression on the big toe joint, slippers for bunion feet should have these features:

  1. Arch support- Slippers with a high arch will help you stay pain-free. A slipper with a higher arch conforms closer to the arch of your foot and can relieve pressure off of your big toe joint. This helps improve the function of the joint, which means you'll have less pain and a decreased risk of bunions. They will help as the best slippers for bunion feet. 

  2. Deep heel cup - Deep heel cups are great for preventing that irritating bunion pain. When the heel rolls in, the big toe joint is forced into the ground and suffers from excessive pressure. This feature should be kept in mind before buying the best slippers for bunions. 

  3. When the "bump" of the bunion becomes irritating, it is important to be flexible with footwear, specifically for bunions. The bunion corrector slippers are recommended to ease the pain.  The slipper should be soft enough to avoid irritating the enlargement on the side of the big toe joint.

Recommended slippers to reduce bunion pain:

1. RECLINER – Flip flops for men

These yoga-inspired flip flops for men are the most comfortable, long-lasting slippers you'll ever slip on. They're perfect for walking long distances, feeling great on your feet, and are made of high-quality yoga mats. They are easy to clean, have arch support, are skid-resistant, and have an ultra-soft footbed. By wearing these sandals, you can find peace in your walk and in your mind. Its qualities will act as the best men’s slippers for bunions

2. SALLY – Flip flops for women

These flip-flops are perfect for you. So, what do they do? These flip-flops are all designed for your feet. They provide all-day comfort and give you a breezy state of mind. You'll always look fashionable with these shoes as they blend style, comfort, and refinement to perfection.  They are the best women's slippers for bunions.

To help protect your feet, choose flip flops carefully. They should have a wide toe box — no pointy toes — and there should be space between the tip of your longest toe and the end of the slipper.  

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