How To Decrease Foot Size

If you have wide feet, you may be wondering how to decrease foot size. There are many options, including exercises, surgery, and stable shoes. Some women go to extreme measures in order to make their feet smaller. Ultimately, a shrinking procedure might be the best option for your situation. Below are some tips for achieving a smaller foot size. But bear in mind that extreme measures are unlikely to be effective for everyone. If all else fails, extreme measures might be needed to get the results you're seeking.

Easy ways to decrease foot size:

1. Exercises to shrink wide feet

There are many exercises you can perform to help shrink wide feet. You can walk briskly on carpeted surfaces in the morning and at night and do wall sits, and floor stands to work the tendons responsible for toe extension. Yoga can also help you burn fat. Try these simple exercises to shrink your wide feet. But remember to use caution when doing any exercises. The best exercises for wide feet may not work for everyone.

A protein deficiency, leg vein weakness, or foot deformity may be the causes of wide feet. These conditions can't be fixed but can be alleviated with the proper treatments. A surgical procedure to narrow the foot, known as the Cinderella procedure, is one option. If you're not comfortable with the surgical method, you can try daily stretching. Exercises to shrink wide feet will help relieve painful pressure and swelling that can lead to bunions.

Wearing proper shoes is important in controlling the size of your feet. A shoe with a tight fit may make them wide. Avoid wearing closed-in heels, and opt for breathable, slip-on shoes. You can also change your lifestyle if you're prone to wide feet. You can also wear wider shoes to avoid the ill-fitting ones. Changing your shoe size can help you reduce your feet size and improve your quality of life.

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How To Decrease Foot Size - Recycle, Reuse, Respect

2. How to decrease your foot size: Surgery 

Women are increasingly turning to cosmetic foot surgery to fit into heels. The Hollywood star Sarah Jessica Parker is credited with popularizing this trend in her film Sex and the City. If you are wondering how to decrease your foot size with a surgical procedure, the solution is here.

a. Cinderella procedure

After surgery, a patient should rest and avoid strenuous activities for a week or two. During this period, the foot should be elevated with a pillow, ice, or a brace. In addition, patients should limit their physical activities and may use a walker or cane after surgery. After surgery, the patient should follow instructions given by his or her healthcare provider to minimize swelling and pain. After surgery, the patient should avoid wearing high heels and avoid strenuous activities.

b. Foot-tuck procedure

The Foot-tuck procedure can be performed on the entire foot to improve the appearance of large feet. The doctor will make small, hidden incisions throughout the foot. He will then contour the prominent bony structures of the foot and reduce the length of the toes and heel. The heel bone will be held in the reduced position using two screws, while a temporary fixation may be placed in the toes. Cosmetic closure will minimize visible scars.

3. Stable shoes

If you are looking at how to decrease your foot size, you might be wondering if stable shoes are the best option. Stable shoes have the advantage of preventing flattening. They also provide arch support, which helps prevent the flattening of the feet. You can also try to lose some weight to limit flattening. But losing weight may not be enough to control the flattening of your feet. You might need to buy a new pair of stable shoes.

Stability shoes are the best choice for runners with normal arches. These shoes have a gentle arch from the front to the rear to offer rear-foot stability and forefoot flexibility. 

4. Weight loss

In the case of your feet, you might be wondering how to decrease foot size through weight loss. Well, it's actually easier than you might think! You can lose weight by engaging in regular exercise and eating a healthy diet. Losing weight, in general, will make your feet smaller, as the weight has an adverse effect on their shape and size. When combined with regular exercise, you'll soon notice a significant change in your size.

When you lose weight, your feet will be smaller. This happens because your body structure changes with weight loss. Excess fat is distributed throughout your foot area, which leads to swelling. You may notice that your shoes now feel loose, and you need less lace. 

How To Decrease Foot Size - Weight Loss

5. Thicker socks

There are a few ways how to decrease your foot size, and one of them is to wear thinner socks. Thicker socks can add a bit of padding and fill up the space in your shoes. Some people even wear two pairs of socks on each foot, but this practice cuts off circulation and can make your feet feel cold. If you're planning to wear two pairs of socks, choose ones with a closed toe. Also, if you're trying to shrink your foot size, wear shoes that are made of leather, suede, or canvas; you can always dry them.


How to decrease your foot size? The answer lies in your dedication and how far are you willing to go for small feet. You can go as simple as exercises to as complicated as a procedure; the choice is yours.