Socks With Sandals - The Trend To Hop Onto

If you're reluctant to take a look out of the “sandals-with-socks' ' drawer, you might want to know that luxury brands like Fendi and Ferragamo are embracing the trend. And comfort-first quarantine style. Socks with sandals, once considered a fashion faux pas, are now fully embraced by big luxury brands. This controversial trend can now be considered as normal as possible. However, this change in aesthetic taste may only last five minutes. The once-maligned trend of wearing socks with sandals has come back into fashion. If you don't feel right about a pair of sandals with socks, go ahead and make a case for the trend. Or if you think you can pull it off, there is no time like the present to bring back an everyday sandals with socks fashion trend.

Those looking out for a unique look to their wardrobe should consider the option of sandals with socks trend. You know that feeling you get when you slip into a pair of super comfy shoes after a long day of running around? We love that feeling, and lately we’ve been looking for even more chances to experience it.  As we watched the number of infected grow and the death toll climb, we found more and more reasons to embrace “optimal” footwear (aka: the ones you find comfortable and don’t make your feet sweat). It’s no secret that when it comes to shoes, comfort is key. But we also believe that there’s something to be said about fashion and functionality. 

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In those uncertain times, we are often nostalgic for the way things used to be. In particular, I remember how it felt to wear lovely, comfortable shoes wherever I went. The look of a pair of metallic glitter pumps is forever imprinted on my memory – something that would have never been chosen under normal circumstances, but was fashionable anyway during a time when everyone was doing their best to project a "power" image.

The sandals you can wear with socks will give you a power image. It didn't matter that it hurt. It was a fun and fashionable shoe that would be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe today if only I could squeeze my feet into them again. The sandals you can wear with socks are easily available these days. 

It's well known that men who follow socks and sandals fashion are empowered, authentic, athletic, and sexy. The key here is to clean your socks regularly and to be sure your sandals are in good condition. When you do so, you'll look stylish and comfortable by wearing sandals with socks trend.

Men have been wearing this look for thousands of years. It’s about time we started re-embracing it. The key to pulling off the man sandal is to make sure your socks are clean and, more importantly, well-cared for. I’m not talking about those cotton tube socks (which, if we’re honest, we all wear). If you want to pull off the man sandal with confidence, you need to break out some clean socks and wear them with sandals. When you are making the transition from winter socks to spring and summer footwear, socks and sandals fashion can provide a foot-friendly option. Instead of exposing your feet to the colder, harsh elements as you walk around barefoot, socks with sandals offer an alternative. All things considered, sandals are really good. They are comfortable and bad-weather proof. This sandals with socks trend has a myriad of options to wear from. 

Here are some of other times when it may be okay to follow socks and sandals fashion:

1. When it is cold outside. During winters, it is a weather-appropriate combination. 

2. You have a foot that is swollen or injured and your foot won’t fit into any of your shoes. During such a time, wearing socks with sandals will make you feel more comfortable.

3. You are competing in a trampoline competition.

4. You are going to a bounce house. 

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The case for socks and sandals – Celebs are starting to rock it.

There are a few celebrities who have not only embraced the trend but made it a part of their signature look. The two most prominent of these are David Beckham and Justin Bieber are gradually bringing it to the mainstream trend. Who is your favorite celebrity that you think makes it look good to be wearing socks and sandals? Do you think it will catch on so that popular fashion magazines start having pages devoted to this trend? How about those celebs popular on the internet more than those with actual talent - how will they be criticized for taking such a "lazy" approach to the way they dress? While it is a small niche, men's sandals with socks have a place in the world of menswear today. You can pull them off if you know how. The key is to make sure they are the right kind of socks and sandals to wear out. Constructed with quality materials and kept in good repair they can be worn without embarrassment or consequence. If you want to know about your perfect fit, visit our quick guide to slippers size chart.

We will be happy to know what you think about the socks and sandals fashion.