8 Different Type Of Sandals For Women For Indoor And Outdoor Occasions

Sandals have a permanent place in most of our childhood memories, don’t they? Wistful and evergreen reminiscences of birthday parties after school, playing in the colony park in the evening or holidaying with your parents, friends, and family. Some of us still wear them of course, but for the most part, we’ve switched to other forms of footwear. Or have we? The types of footwear that come under the umbrella of a ‘sandal’ are legion – sounds debatable? Let’s have a look at exactly what the definition of a sandal is before delving a little into all the different kinds of sandals for women out there in the market.

What Exactly Are Sandals?

A sandal is defined as a kind of footwear that is light and has an open-toed design. This itself brings to mind numerous designs, right? They are also defined as any type of shoe in which the sole is attached by a series of or a single strap, or even an upper that is broader in shape. And there we have it; so many of the classic, timeless pieces of footwear that have comfortably made their homes in our cupboards are indeed, sandals.

They offer such a wide array of benefits, supporting several needs – style and comfort alike, the very definition of functional we’d like to say. While high-end fashion houses and everyday fashion too have laid claim to the different types of sandals for ladies available nowadays, by no means are these a recent invention. All the different types of women's sandals come from a similar place, there is evidence that ancient civilisations all around the world wore their form of sandals, be it ancient Indians, Japanese, Egyptians, Greeks, or Romans. Royalty especially, used to wear beautifully ornamental, embroidered, embellished sandals made out of a variety of materials like wood, leather, fibres, leaves, rice straw, animal hide and more. 

Oh! All The Types of Sandals for Women to Choose From

With strappy sandals, casual, everyday sandals and so many more taking leaps and bounds in the world of fashion, we now have numerous types of sandals for women that we should have on our radar. Starting with some of the more popular women sandals types, we’ll then dip our toes, so to speak, in other trendy waters of types of female sandals.


Different type of sandals for all occassions

1. Flip flops

Let’s begin with the most common kinds of sandals for ladies, our trusty sidekicks – flip flops! They are the simplest designs, with a sole that has an attached Y-shaped strap that bifurcates the wearer’s foot at the big toe. They are uber comfortable, as we can all attest to, and have the most versatile design – in our completely unbiased opinion. Sliding your feet into a pair of the cutest, most comfy Watermelon flip flops when you get home, or even for a quick trip to the market, or even at the airport when flying to Goa or Pondi for a holiday – life just isn’t the same without them, no? They are most commonly made from rubber. Your basic flip flops can be worn with anything, yes anything – that’s why they’ve got such a stellar reputation for being so versatile. Be it at the beach, gallivanting around the city on a weekend, holidaying, you name it, buying a pair of flip flops is a no brainer!

Different types of sandals for women
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2. Thong sandals

These kinds of sandals for ladies also need no introduction, although they have been saddled with the label of slightly fancier flip flops. They deserve their own category, we say! With a T-shaped strap that very elegantly wraps around the foot, and the usual strap that passes between the first and second toes, these sexy sandals are stylish and effortlessly modish. Having made a comeback in a big way in recent years, these types of sandals for ladies are a definite yes in our book. They can come in such a variety of styles, there’s no way you won’t find one that suits you and your choices. They can take a blah outfit you’re not particularly feeling great about and turn it around with sparkly pizazz.

3. Slides

Another debatable topic is whether slides fit into the category of flip flops or if they are their own style, and here we go with the flow; they definitely fit into the broader category of flip flops owing to their design, a single, broad strap instead of a single, thin strap. They are all, however, types of sandals for ladies and everyone else! Slides are super-duper comfortable, with thicker soles than standard flip flops that allow for enhanced support for your soles – and we know how crucial that is. Slides can span a wide array of styles, from fancier, bow-design or velvet slides to standard single, broad straps that we associate with more casual looks. Our Squishy Cup slides are testament to this level of comfort, with an innovative design that has prioritised the wearing experience without compromising a jot over style and looks.


Slides are also some of the more preferred footwear for home use as they can also, fairly easily, be worn with socks. Although, no one is stopping you from wearing awesome finger socks with your flip flops – self-expression for the win! With the weather turning chilly, added protection from cold floors at home that can cause the detestable sniffles is paramount, pull on a pair of your favourite avocado socks and slide your feet into the squishiest, most comfy pair of slides you’ll come across!


4. Leather sandals

Okay now these types of sandals for women deserve their own space on this post, especially considering the marvel that is Indian handicrafts. The kind of variety one sees with handmade leather chappals in India is mind boggling. Every region across the country has its own take on these beautiful pieces of footwear. Lightweight and not as stiff as other materials, leather and vegan leather are some of the best materials to wear on your feet. Leather sandals also are so easy to team up with outfits to create aesthetically stunning combinations! With women’s sandals, the kind of embellishments and designs you’ll be able to choose from are also worth checking them out for.

5. Flats – Every day and chic

These are two kinds of sandals for ladies, with several extra straps across the foot – a lot more elaborate than the normal flip flop sandal. These are without heels and have rather thin soles. They are also so functional – simply decorated for an everyday look, or more dressy, with sparkles, sequins, or other beads and trimmings to make for an ultimate evening look!


Different Type Of Sandals For Women - Woman sitting with her feet swinging in the air

6. Wedge sandals

These are types of sandals for ladies that have clickety-clacked their way into all our hearts. With the classic strappy or broad strap design, they have the added heel. Either a full, single height, or a graduated one. The concept of a flip flop with heels? Sign us up! They are heaps more comfortable than stilettos or traditional high heeled shoes and are dressy enough to wear to lot more events!

7. Gladiator sandals

Of all the different types of women's sandals out there, one of our favourites (apart from flip flops and slides, of course) are the gladiator sandals. With intricate straps that criss-cross around your foot and then up to your shins, these women’s sandals have snaked their way up the ladder to one of fashion’s staples. Made from leather, rubber, and other material, they can be paired with skirts, shorts and dresses. Originally worn by the courageous gladiators of the Roman empire, it almost feels like you’re wearing a living, breathing piece of history. These have our vote – maybe even two!

Two girls in flip flops

8. Open-toed Heeled Sandals

Heeled types of sandals for women are also legion, and one of everyone’s all-time favourites are any form of open-toed heeled sandals. From strappy block-heeled sandals to delicate kitten heeled sandals, these oh-so-sexy sandals show off our feet to perfection! Flaunt that nail colour with these peek toe designs and show off your legs too if you’re at it!

Adored by women of all ages, these beautiful sandals go well with any attire as well. Trousers, a short or long skirt, a power pants suit, a casual denim outfit, a sari – there isn’t a way to go wrong here.The reason sandals have thrived across the ages is because of their ability to adapt to suit the times. They are also just so comfortable to wear – why on Earth would anyone not choose them?