Best Diwali Gift For Your Friends - Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali is one auspicious festival in India that symbolizes the "triumph of light over darkness, victory of virtuous over evil, and glory of knowledge over ignorance". The festival of lights is all about spreading joy among the people we love. It is the time when we struggle the most thinking about the best Diwali gifts for friends. If this time you don’t want to end up gifting a box of soan papdi or a box of utensils set to your loved ones, then you are on the right page. We have curated a list of gifts that you can give to your close ones and impress them with your ingenious ideas.

 Top 13 best Diwali gift for your friends:

Diwali is the time when we gather with the ones we care about and celebrate the victory of light over darkness and the triumph of hope over despair. Finding the best Diwali gift for friends will make the festive season all the more special. Let us help you find the best Diwali gifts for your loved ones.

Are you ready to explore and find out the best gifts for friends on Diwali? Let us get started:

1. Save nature with recycled products

Sounds great, isn’t it? Well, there are a lot of things that you can make using recycled products and that can be the best Diwali gifts for friends. One of the recycled nature-friendly products that can be gifted are slippers and flip flops. This can sound crazy, but there are brands that create excellent quality footwear by recycling the old ones and that is so good for both nature. 

Solethreads reuse program

2. Hand painted lamps 

Another awesome DIY (do it yourself) idea that you can use is to paint clay lamps or diyas all by yourself. If you are searching for Diwali gift ideas for friends within budget, then this one is the best.  You can buy beautiful clay diyas from local potters and paint them with all your heart. We are sure your friends will love this gifting idea of yours. 

Diwali gifts for friends - Handmade Diya

3. A box of assorted chocolates

Well! Let us ditch soan papdi this Diwali and try some yummy chocolates.  Who doesn’t like chocolates melting in their mouth? A box full of assorted chocolates with a personalized card will be one of the best gifts for Diwali for friends. You can either order them online or even make chocolates all by yourself at home. 

4. Handcrafted pen stand

You might think of the costliest gifts, but nothing in the world can beat the Diwali gifts for friends that are made by you. Trust us! You can try making handcrafted pen stands as gifts for Diwali for friends and if you are naïve at art & craft, then check out the awesome easy-to-make YouTube videos. This handcrafted pen stand will add a personal touch to your festivity.

5. Fitness tracker

 Why not include in the list of  Diwali gift ideas for friends something that can enhance their fitness? These are the best portable devices that can be gifted to a fitness enthusiastic friend of yours. Fitness bands will be one of the best gifts for friends on Diwali as they will help them track their daily activities and let them know the amount of calories they have shed throughout the day.

6. Healthy snacks

Munching on Diwali snacks while binging on your favorite series on Netflix is the best thing to do nowadays and we all love it. This is the time when we get a lot of deep-fried snacks as gifts and we even consider them best as  Diwali gifts for friends. However, let us replace these unhealthy snacks with healthy items like baked ragi chips, energy bars, etc. These will be the best Diwali gifts for friends who are into fitness or want to stay healthy.

7. Power of ayurveda

If you are still searching for the best Diwali gifts for friends' ideas, then try gifting ayurvedic products. There are a lot of brands that offer pure and bespoke skincare and haircare products that can leave anyone spoiled of choice. There are also a plethora of herbal makeup products that can be included in the list of your Diwali gift ideas for friends. You can try gifting a beautifully packed bath combo set or a set of lipstick to your friend.

8. Accessories for fashionista friends

If you want to add a highly contemporary and unconventional twist to your gifts, then you check out some of the Instagram stores. These online stores create designs using their minimalistic aesthetics that will be a treat for the eyes and can be the best Diwali gifts for friends. You can search for scrunchies, scarfs, ties, and a lot more.

9. A dainty necklace

Well! We are not talking about the regular delicate necklaces. We are talking about the ones that are customized and can be added to the list of your Diwali gift ideas for friends. You can get your friend's name made as a pendant and gift them during Diwali. Your friend will love to wear the customized chain on a daily basis. 

10. Enlighten with books

If your friend is a book lover, then no need to look here and there. Books are the best Diwali gifts for friends who have a knack for novels. Get to know his/ her favorite author and send them a set of books. They will love it.

11. Aromatic Candles

Scented candles always find their place among the list of best Diwali gifts for friends. You can never go wrong with a festive aromatic candle that smells like wet earth after a long soaking rain, the smell of sandalwood, or the smell of lavender. 

12. Gift cards

Are you still confused and unable to choose the best Diwali gifts for friends' ideas? Well! When in doubt go for gift cards. This can never go wrong. Most shopping websites offer gift cards. Just try any one of them and let your friend choose what he or she needs the most.

13. Bluetooth speakers or headphones

If you are scratching for some portable and smart Diwali gifts for friends' ideas, then go for a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. Every music lover loves these kinds of gifts. These are affordable and super fun. 


We hope you liked these unique ideas of gifts for Diwali for friends and would select one from them. Comment below your experience and how your friends were awestruck by seeing these special and quirky gifts.