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Health and fitness are important, whether it's living a healthy lifestyle, getting fit, or chasing after your favorite sports team. And if you are excited to pursue your health goals, you need the right gear to help you get there. 

Flip flops are a popular alternative to regular footwear this summer. Their portability and casual appearance make them feel like pajamas for your feet, but that's where the comfort stops. Flip flops aren't made for running, walking long distances, or lifting and carrying big loads. In addition, you should steer clear of poorly-made flip-flops and choose those that give your feet appropriate support and cushioning. That is why choose none other than Solethreads flip flops. Although flip flops are popular as summer shoes, they are not suitable for many activities. For Example; if you really want to run, walk long distances, or lift and carry things, you should avoid wearing poorly-made flip flops.

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Not only do our flip flops add to the summertime ambience; they also make great footwear for beach and poolside, or when you want to splash in puddles. However, flip-flops that don't fit properly can cause all sorts of problems: improper support, poor cushioning and even blisters and calluses. 

If you're looking for something to wear with an ultra-casual, laid-back look, flip-flops are the ideal footwear. But if you’re on your feet for long periods, working up a sweat, or lugging around heavy items all day on the job, wear some other comfortable shoes. You might want to consider basketball shoes, running shoes or even sandals with foot pads and arch support.

Wear the perfect shoe for each activity this season by choosing well-constructed flip-flops with proper support. This article discusses what goes into making a good flip-flop, what to look for in flip-flops that are labeled “well constructed,” how to survive the summer in comfort, and why wearing well constructed flip-flops can help you avoid hazards of poorly made shoes. 

Well-made flip flops are very different from their inexpensive cousins. A good pair of flip flops are made of sturdy material that will give your feet proper support and cushioning. Our soles are flexible, yet they provide non-slip traction. Make sure that there's enough arch support to keep your feet healthy over the long term, along with ample toe room so they don't cramp up after walking only a short distance.

Skip the rest and get a good pair of flip flops instead. A good pair of flip-flops is made with sturdy material that gives your feet proper support and cushioning. A good pair of flip-flops has a flexible sole that provides non-slip traction. You want a good pair of flip-flops that gives you the right amount of arch support, enough toe room, and a non-slip tread to keep your feet healthy over the long term.

You've got to have a strong, flexible, highly supportive shoe to protect your feet, legs and knees. Our flip flops are so flexible you can tie yourself in an anatomical knot with them, but so sturdy you can walk all day long on the dunes without foot fatigue making you limp at the end of the day.

These summertime staples should be like a second skin: Durable and flexible. And while your thirst for the latest and greatest styles never dies, we'd like to encourage you to be picky about who gets to call these trends home. There's no shame in wearing last season's flip flops, or that pair you've had since high school…as long as they fit correctly.

Many of us want to get out there and chase after our favorite sports teams or try that killer yoga pose, but getting in shape can be hard when you are busy with work, have lots of kid's activities on the calendar, or are just so tired when you get home you don't have any motivation to do something active. If you are ready to take control of your health, you need the right gear so you can focus on what really matters. That is why we offer products that help take your performance to the next level. Whether you are looking for something for training or everyday life, our gear will help you achieve your goals. 

Let's be honest here. We all want to live a healthier and more fit life, but it can be hard to stick with and maintain goals and not fall for gimmicks and fads. When people come up with a resolution, they do so without thinking it through. A resolution is something we need to take seriously because we want it to stick – we don’t want it to be a passing trend. In order to accomplish any goal, we must set our minds on the task at hand. Now that you have your New Year’s resolutions down, let’s discuss some tips that will help you stay fit and healthful throughout the year.

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By making small adjustments in your daily routine, you can reap big benefits for your health and fitness, you can feel better and less sad about your own self. There are many ways of measuring health and fitness. You may have goals to improve your physical shape, tone up, drop some pounds, or get in better physical shape. Perhaps you want to get stronger, improve your cardiovascular endurance or build muscle. It may be more on the spiritual side that you want to focus instead of the physical side. Whatever your goals are, there are ways to accomplish them while avoiding exhaustion. There is a great feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence that comes from setting and achieving goals. Having the discipline to go running several times a week will not only leave you looking and feeling better but you will also show up as a better version of yourself. 

Go running on your Solethreads flip flops. You will not only look good but feel good too. This is because it has arch support, which can contribute to better posture and muscle alignment. Additionally, it is made of smooth rubber material that also improves the overall comfort of the user. As a result, you can run on your flip flops for hours without feeling tired and experiencing comfort like never before.

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