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For all those who practice yoga (and all those who dabble and those who have been meaning to) – this one’s for you. You’ve lit a candle or two. Soft classical music is playing, lulling your senses into the state of mind you’d like to be in. Inhale. Exhaaale. You know that feeling of bliss when you slip off your chappals, take a deep breath and step on to your yoga mat? Muscles ready for a workout, that almost indescribable sense of peace that steals into your bones? That awakened knowing of your body? The limberness and plainness that enters your bloodstream, relaxing your being and giving you the energy to get through the day and the next? That cushiony mat whose grooves and undulations make for the perfect bed for your feet and body? Imagine, you can have that, all the time, on your feet. The part of your limbs that, we’d say, do the most work, deserve pampering and a whole lotta love! This is exactly the philosophy behind our very own Recliner flip flops, India’s first-ever flip flops made from yoga mats!

Recliner flip flops for men - Foot on yoga mat


Flip flops made from yoga mats are markedly different from other kinds of flip-flops. They have been designed and innovated to deliver therapy of sorts, to your feet. The squishiness and plush feeling of a yoga mat under one’s feet sounds sublime, no? That’s exactly what it is! Our Recliner slippers contain enlightened and enhanced technology that has been developed to give you maximum comfort and ultimate style. Flip flops that embody this remarkable technology can transform the way you imagine comfort for your feet, we guarantee it. Let’s have a quick look at the benefits of this wondrous sounding feat!

Recliner flip flops for men
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Benefits of RECLINER flip flops

1. Comfort x 10^

The soft, yoga mat material that makes up the insole and footbed, combined with our very own shock absorbent TruBounce™ technology makes the men’s Recliner flip flops truly desirable. Yoga mats are also designed this way – to prevent shocks and vibrations from jarring your body. With this perfect combination, a footbed that can mould and hold the shape of your foot better, just imagine all those walking adventure possibilities! Recliner flip flops are also leagues ahead in flexibility and agility, adding to their comfort factor in spades. Focusing on how to centre oneself and practicing mindfulness is something a lot of us would like to make more time for – and that feeling of stepping on to a yoga mat starts the process. Our Recliner flip flops can start your mindfulness journey too – anywhere you go, it’s like having a walking, albeit not talking, traveling yoga mat! Just close your eyes, take deep, fulfilling breaths, wiggle your toes in a happy dance and feel that positive energy from the universe flowing through, into and around you.

men's recliner flip flops


2. Texture supreme

Yoga mat foam is not like the usual foam used to make flip flops. It can be textured in such a way that it can work on relieving pressure from your soles. We have several pressure points on the soles of our feet, that when pressed and given support, can provide excellent therapeutic relief. Your feet will be less tired, and consequently, so will you!

3. Vegan leather straps

Our classically designed Recliner flip flops for men have water-friendly vegan leather straps as well. Not only is this material animal cruelty free, but it’s also stain-proof! Leather doesn’t like water, as we all know, and can stain and get pockmarked very easily in the rain or if you accidentally spill something on them. Vegan leather has the added benefit of staying fresh and clean for a long while!

4. Lightweight and clean

Yoga mat flip flops are also much lighter than others on the market. Just as it’s super convenient carrying your yoga mat around town, pack a pair of flip flops in your bag and you won’t feel the weight! These innovative flip flops are also very easy to keep clean – say goodbye to bacteria and that funky foot smell that follows, we’ve got your back.

Crafted to bring you flip flops that truly listen to your feet and understand your needs, check out our Recliner flip flops for men today!

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