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What Are Flip Flops Made Of?

What are flip flops made out of? Female legs with flip flops swinging in the air

The perfect flip flops, ones that perfectly cradle your feet, give your step that added jaunty bounce while effortlessly complementing everything you’re wearing, truly are what dreams are made of.

What are flip flops made of?

How Flip Flops Change Our Lives?

Flip flops are some of the most incredibly versatile kinds of footwear, partially due to the vast array of materials used to make them. In terms of styling, flip flops and slippers ooze casual, unhurried, laidback vibes – an effortless look everyone embodies and wishes to incorporate from time to time. We all know just how vital a good pair of flip flops are to our summer wardrobe, beach and pool parties are unimaginable without them, no? Our super-fun, SUPERFOAM TM Graffiti slides are a testament to how simple flip flops can look super-duper good! What are flip flops made of you may ask? Well, flip flop materials span a wide range, from rubber to plastic foam, cork and rubber, leather and vegan leather to recycled plastic, EVA, polyurethane and even wood!

It’s true! Historically, the question what are flip flops made out of could be answered in many ways. However, the word flip flop wouldn’t be used to describe them – the name ‘flip flop’ was coined owing to the distinctive flip-flop-flip-flop sound made when one walks, which then gained popularity as a term in the US around the 1960s. Flip flop materials around the world vary in different cultures and regions; Japanese zoris are made from rice straw, ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and African regions used whatever was available to them, animal hide, silk etc. Ancient Indian padukas were made of wood, with a single knob in the centre bisecting the toes.

 Why You Should Wear Flip Flops All The Year Round?

How are flip flops made today? The construction is a simple one – the sole of the flip flop, and either the V-shaped strap or the round section that goes around the toes in a slider are the main components. One of the reasons flip flops material themselves are so diverse is because if one has a foot pattern, one can cut the sole out from almost any material. The straps require some thinking, and perhaps more work, say if they’re braided, twined or of a particular specification. Post that, it’s party time! Print whatever suits your fancy, and boy oh boy, do our Graffiti slides slip into your hearts easy-breezily!

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‘What material are flip flops made of’ is a question most buyers ask themselves, and rightly so. Your flip flop material should be of the best quality because only they are durable and well-constructed. Lower quality materials can cause many problems – from deteriorating in design and form within a short time frame, to causing allergies and injuries if not treated and manufactured correctly. Flip flops are some of the most inexpensive footwear out there – but that needn’t mean we compromise on quality. Replacing your indispensable pair of chappals ever so often can be a cumbersome process – shop well and stay happy we say!

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