Walk Like A Human

Put Chimp DNA sample next to your own, and you won’t be able to tell the difference. Humans share more than 95% of their DNA with our distant cousins, and yet we have created cities, gone to space, tamed the planet and evolved to be the apex species on this planet. Chimps on the other hand have evolved less and are still more than four million years behind us, in terms of evolution.

All you have to do is, look down, and stare at your feet, and the flip flops on them to realise that without bipedalism (walking upright on two feet) we would probably not be the humans we are today. It is often stated that bipedalism and intelligence evolved in unison. Imagine not being able to carry our precious mobile phones, seems ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Think about it, without bipedalism, we couldn’t have dominated this world, since we would not be able to walk long distances. We wouldn’t have been able to run faster, and we would not have left the safety of the trees. We would thus in all likeliness remained content with what we had and this would have put a spoke in the development and enlargement of our brains.

As provocative as it may be, we are who we are because of our feet, and our feet need to be enticed and looked after. They are our physical connection to our past, present and future. Which is why it is only natural that we would want to keep them safe. Our ancestors understood that, and bipedalism led to foot wear which eventually evolved into the (over) $300 billion worldwide industry* we see today. It is only natural that we apply our brains in order to protect our adjuncts and the feet are no exception. First came function, then came style, and eventually choice. We now have a plethora of footwear types, styles, colours and sizes to choose from – from sandals to shoes, to stilettos to seaboots. We spend anything from ₹50 to a few lakhs, and yes you read that right. Footwear these days provide us with fashion, flex and everything in-between.

Our brains may be our powerhouses, and our hands may be their enablers,  but it is our feet that are the tools through which we stride towards becoming an even more advanced species.

We wear shoes to protect our feet and yet, we don’t take the time to understand that our feet need not just support and protection, but freshness, comfort and consideration in order to continue us on our path towards success, development and contentment.     

We’ve now reached a juncture where technology, sustainability and foot care are being “glued together” to enhance a user’s experience. People now want their feet to not just be safe and comforted but also healthy, fresh and flexible. Enter, flip flops, which, to our minds are a natural evolution in the human footwear progression. Flip flops are light, airy, durable, vivid, and with all the technology and contemporariness of modern human ingenuity. They are a palpable presence of our past, and an equally thrilling idea of our future.

So, the next time you look down at your feet, just remember, all the knowledge, technology and innovation in this world would not have been possible if our ancestors hadn’t taken those first steps, and treaded assuredly towards our present, and the limitless future of our species.

It's time to walk like a human, in ways that only humans can understand, appreciate and preserve. It's time to flip flop towards our next phase of evolution...


* https://www.statista.com/statistics/976367/footwear-market-size-worldwide/




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