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Walk From Home | At Home

Solethreads flip flops

The last two years of living with the pandemic seems to have flown by. Yet, the pandemic is very real, and it is still a clear and present danger. The latest Omicron variant of the virus has seen us revert to lockdowns and restrictions, and yet people have been a bit complacent too. Now, more than ever, it is essential to follow Covid appropriate behaviour.

 An increase in COVID-19 infections due to a much more infectious, albeit comparatively mild Omicron variant have made employers think twice about getting things back on the road to “normal.” Granted, working from home is getting all the more popular, and it does have its benefits and potential problems as well. The principal problem is remaining seated in one place, and slouching over your computer – without meetings or coworkers, sitting indolently in one place is detrimental for your mental and physical health. So, to help you keep yourself healthy, alert and happy, you need to remain active, and to remain active you need to be comfortable and motivated.

We feel, your comfort starts from your feet, and once your feet are comfortable, refreshed and supported, the rest of your body follows suit. Flip flops such as RECLINER or SALLY are designed to stimulate you through comfort and support. Don’t just Work From Home, Walk From Home. This is how:

Solethreads flip flops | Sally

Make Habit(s) Of It

Habits and rituals are very influential practices that contribute to your overall well-being. Creating regular habits for yourself when working from home is essential. Set a constant wake up time and plan your work and your breaks. Do pushups, take a walk, eat healthy, play with loved ones (humans or otherwise), or simply stand whilst you work. You could try SERENE, that are perfect Walk From Home, when working from home.

Solethreads flip flops |  Serene

Eat Food Away From Work

It is important that you actually get up from your “home office” and move away from your computer. Try not to order in, make a healthy meal, walk around a bit. This almost unassuming act of going to eat or cooking something forces you to get up and walk around more. BLOSSOM are a pair of flip flops that will make you feel good, as you walk around at home, and their water-friendly design ensures that your feet remain warm and dry, throughout the day. You can therefore Walk From Home, even when you’re eating.

Take Regular Breaks

It's easy to get a quick coffee when you are in office. People come to your desk, see you’re not there, and then come by later. With working from home, you start to feel guilty about taking breaks, as you are more concerned about what people may think, should they call you, and you do not answer. Block your calendar for lunch and coffee breaks so that people know when you will be away. Then use and enjoy those breaks. Spend the time walking around, maybe you could do some small chores around the house, that you would enjoy. Do them in your EVERLAST, which will keep your feet fresh and comfort them at the same time. You can therefore enjoy your Walk From Home.

Solethreads flip flops | Everlast

Know When To Stop

This is the most important. Work should not come at the cost of your personal time, and your happiness. Ensure that you start work at time, and end it too, as soon as work is done. Not drawing a line between work and home, especially when you are at home, is detrimental not just for you, but for your productivity as well. If you prefer wearing shoes when you’re working, maybe you can slip into CARGO, which is more comfortable, and would give your feet breathing space, and thus refresh you, as well. Remember work from home is only productive when you know when to walk away from it.

Solethreads flip flops | Cargo

Work From Home is only as productive as you, and for you to be productive, you need to be ComfortABLY YOU. So, embrace a Walk From Home, At Home.
You’ll be productive, happy, healthy, and safe.
Beating this pandemic can only be achieved One Step At A Time, so come let’s do it together…

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