The Women Of Blossom

To all you women out there - strong, independent and determined.

You walk the walk and eschew the beaten path. You put a blossom in every step you take and do it with panache, proficiency and positivity.

The world is not a very equitable place, with impartiality and being different often being disregarded or even worse, actively subjugated.

Taking A Stand

All this makes it even more decisive for women everywhere to take a stand, and walk confidently ahead with their heads held high.

Take Vandhana for instance. She is a work-from-home mum who manages to work, build a content platform, work on her PhD whilst raising her child. She also happens to be an awesome home chef. Talk about walking many paths.

This just goes to show that women are taking charge, demanding a change and walking forward towards a future that is not only empowered but also powerful. Seeing women blossom and forge their own paths is truly awe-inspiring.

Neela came to Delhi from the south of India and worked her way up. She is now leading a multinational’s customer service vertical. There is also Eloni, who had never been out of her home state of Manipur. She came to Delhi, after her education, and her Hindi left a lot to be desired. She is now working for a leading startup in Gurgaon, and her language skills are par excellence. Other than English and Meitei, she is also fluent in Hindi, Punjabi and Marathi.

Defining A Woman Of Blossom

A woman of blossom is fearless and prevailing, with the style and substance to tread ahead and demand her own place in the grand scheme of things. She may be empathetic and understanding, but one should not mistake her softness for weakness. She is moulded to a sturdy and solid disposition that will not stand for anything less than her success, her rightfulness and her passion.

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Now, without further ado, back to the topic…

Chandini and Simone are a dynamic duo who travel the world and seek out adventures wherever they can find them. Chandini is a journalist and writer, and Simone is a business owner, and yet their jobs, their families or even the current pandemic have done nothing to suppress their dreams.

Leveling The Field One Bounce At A Time

The playing field for women has never been 'level,’ and they feel it is their responsibility to demand the space, time and future that isn't easily given to women. Them just being able to have the freedom to travel the world as Indian women, build their travel brand on the way, and do it without any help from anyone is something that truly makes them two of the many Women of Blossom.

All these women mentioned here are Women of Blossom who wear BLOSSOM and swear by it.

So Vandhana, Neela, Chandini and Simone, you all are truly an inspiration to women everywhere and we hope your stories add that much-needed blossom to their every step

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Be a Woman of Blossom; embrace your life on your own terms, and do great things.



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