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16th August, 2021 | New Delhi

Dear Rahul,

The Comfort Of Growing Up

Rakhi & Flip Flops | The Comfort Of Growing Up

Remember those days when we used to play around the backyard of our home. Mum and Dad would be at work, and we would have the run of the entire house. Playing on the jungle gym, flinging sand at each other and having a rollicking time? I still remember how we used to pluck those sour oranges from Aunty Iyer’s tree, and how she would come out with a broom in her hand, but a knowing smile on her face. You would most certainly always tear up, little brother, and I would stand in front of you with my hands spread wide, so that you could bury your face in my frock, and cry.

I still remember those days when we used to have chappal fights on the street and the neighborhood dog would run between us trying to catch it. I often remember how you would be bullied by the children across the street, and I would come to protect you, and the way we used to walk back from school daily…


The Comfort Of Growing Together

Rakhi & Flip Flops | The Comfort Of Growing Up Together


I remember the day our chappal fights ended. It was a peace offering of sorts. It also meant that we both had grown apart, we would spend less and less time together, and you would spend more time with your friends, and your many girlfriends, but you would always confide in me. You would always come to my room to show me your latest bruise, or tell me about the adventures you had. When your heart was broken, I tried to protect you the best I could.

Remember those many hours we spent together trying to help you solve your maths problems? Once you started working, I saw less and less of you, and you didn’t need my protection anymore. You are now a successful person, halfway across the world, with a life of your own. You have no need for your sister, and the life we once shared.  I am therefore sending you our lucky-charm, as a reminder of the love we share, and as a reiteration of the fact that I was, am and always will be there to protect you, my little brother.

From me to you, with love,



22nd August, 2021 | New York

Dear Nandita,

Words can’t describe the love I have for you. I am sorry that we have drifted apart. My career and life here seem to have taken precedence over the life I left behind. I seemed to have given more credence to where I wanted to go, and lost touch with who I was.  I owe all my success to the life-lessons I learnt from you.  You are truly my protector and my confidante. And it is you who taught me the true meaning of today…

And, as you read this letter, you will notice that it doesn’t have a stamp on it. Look outside, my dear loving sister….

From me to you,



The Comfort of Reconnecting

Rakhi & Flip Flops | The Comfort Of Reconnecting

Epilogue: Nandita and Rahul had their reunion after almost six years of losing touch. Rahul went on to place a brand-new pair of slippers, that he had designed, on Nandita’s feet, as a testament to the love and respect he had for her, and as a representation of just how much he still needed her protection and advice. The brother and sister would go on with their lives but would be inextricably tied together by the love they shared, and the respect they had for each other.

They had found the true significance of their connection...


They had #TheGiftOfComfort

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