Surfing In India

Surfing; The sport of riding waves. Though surfing has roots in Hawaii and Polynesia, it is now popular around the world and has gained some social respectability. It is a sort of riding towards the shore. Since the 1950s, surfing has gone from a clandestine activity to a mainstream sport. In India, surfing is growing in popularity. There are some outstanding spots along the country’s vast coastline where you can catch a wave and also learn to surf. The only issue is that the waves are not consistent and the surf does flat at times. In the land of golden sand dunes, surfing is booming. Our coastline is jam packed with endless opportunity to catch a wave. India’s coastline is almost 8000 kilometer long, but it’s the west coast, the Arabian sea and the Bay of Bengal that offer good surfing conditions. 

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What is the best way to improve surfing skills?

There are some outstanding spots along the coastline which you can experience if you are willing to travel around. The other thing to look for when surfing in India is the physical strength and endurance of other surfers, to get a feel for how fast, hard and long you'll be able to ride. Not that other people matter much once you're up and surfing, but if you want someone to watch while getting your feet wet for the first time, to pick up tips and learn from them, this is another aspect worth considering. To get an idea of the size of waves you will be riding, look at other surfers' boards: shortboards for smaller waves and longer ones for bigger waves. 

The passion for surfing in India comes primarily from the country’s fishing communities, which have a long ongoing relationship with the sea. It is the homegrown sport that has taken the world by storm. And India has a surprising relationship with water, its people and the Indian ocean that stretches back thousands of years. It has always been the source of life and livelihood.

Essentially, surfing in India can be divided into three categories- 1) North India for beginners, 2) South India for intermediates, and 3) North East for experts. The best surfing spots in India are Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Odisha. India has some of the best surfing destinations in the world. The country boasts white sand beaches, transparent waters and good waves. Some of them are;

  • Kovalam, Kerala 

Some of the most popular beaches in Kerala for surfing and swimming include Kovalam, Varkala, and Alleppey. Offering everything from calm lagoons to large waves, the beaches of Kerala are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and surfing.

You should go here if; If you also like to skate.

  • Gokarna, Karnataka 

Whether you’re looking for an adventure, relaxation, or both, Gokarna is the perfect choice. It’s only 200km away from Goa, but it offers an entirely different experience. The people are super friendly and you can easily interact with them in their own language (Konkani). It has endless things to do around the city. If you go to the beaches in Gokarna, your view will remind you of Bali or Jamaica with its palm trees.

You should go here if; You like to eat. There are many cafes and shacks on the main beach. Also, watch the sunset from one of the cafes. 

  • Serenity Beach of Pondicherry 

The Serenity Beach in Pondicherry has golden sand and magnificent waves that make it a marvelous location for surfing in South India. This beach is where the well-known surfing school of Pondicherry takes place. The surfing school in Pondicherry offers the overall experience of beach life, good waves for surfing, and serenity.

You should go here if; You are not keen on learning in a super tourist-y location and you would prefer a more relaxed personal approach to surfing.

  •  The Paradip Beach, Orissa

The Paradip Beach of Odisha is a popular spot for surfing along with the Puri Beach and the Konark Chandrabhaga Beach. Odisha is one of the best places in India to go surfing, not just because of its scenic beaches, but also its swells. Surrounded by lush forests on one side and lined with huge boulders on the other, the beach is actually an estuary of the river Mahanadi. The beach is adorned with a quaint island and laced with emerald green forests. 

You should go here if; You enjoy swimming or a stroll by the shimmering water. 

  •  The Butler Bay Beach, Andaman

Butler Bay Beach of Little Andaman Island is rated as the best surfing spots in India and most important tourist location in Little Andaman. The spectacular waves of Little Andaman Island are located near the small town of Port Blair. One of the main reasons it's so popular as a tourist destination is that it has some great surfing waves. 

You should go here if; You want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. For a weary exhausted traveller, there is no better place than this strip of land overlooking azure blue waters surrounded by emerald green trees. 

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Surfing is a sport that anyone can enjoy regardless of skill level or fitness abilities. It is also an exhilarating experience and one that offers freedom. You will never need to worry about being excluded from an activity. It offers a sense of independence; something that makes it appealing to everyone, regardless of any age or requirements. It proves you stronger than you know!

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