Should You Wear Socks With Flip Flops?

You get home after a long, arduous day at work. Your feet have been aching because you had an unusually hectic day, after which you got stuck in supine traffic jams for what seemed like half your life. All you want is some peace and calm. You kick off your shoes at the door, freedom! And cue: your trusty flip flops. Ahhhh, your sore soles cry out in relief. But wait, you’re still wearing your socks? Socks and flip flops? Does that make it comfier? You’re too tired to remove them just yet and you settle down with a book or the TV. Hmm, you think to yourself a few hours later, that wasn’t all bad, maybe you can hop on the slippers with socks trend.

Socks and Flip Flops – Shock or Acceptance

Enter stage right: the eternal dilemma - comfort over style, or vice versa. Let’s clear the air – there’s no right and wrong, if you do or don’t wear socks and flip flops, it’s perfectly alright! New fashion choices like the socks and slides trend for example, are all the rage. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you are wearing slides with socks on the regular.

Why You Need To Let Your Feet Breathe At Home?

1. Breathe in and out

Your feet need to breathe. Especially if you spend your days with your feet cooped up in shoes for an extended period, give them some space at home and let your socks and slides rest a while. Much like the feeling you get when you change out of that form-hugging yoga or gym outfit into a pair of your loosest, most threadbare pajamas, your feet need a little independence from that slides and socks trend.

2. Let the juices flow

If you’ve ever bought even a smidge too tight pair of socks, you’ll know they can really hurt your feet. Circulation is crucial and wearing socks and slides together all the time isn’t the best for your feet in the long run. Air them out! Give your flip flop socks some time to make friends with all the other items in your cupboard!

Circling back to the debate; socks and slides, are we fans or are we not? If celebrities and fashion magazines all over the world have whole-heartedly embraced the slides and socks trend to such an extent that there are now special flip flop socks, there’s no reason not to jump on the bandwagon, we say! Let that self-expression flow, make the socks and slides trend uniquely yours – and don’t forget, confidence truly is key.

Should you wear socks with flip flops?


There is a slight difference though, since slides, like our Squishy Doodle bestsellers, don’t have the y-shaped bifurcation between your toes, you can wear just about any socks and slides together. More popular amongst men, the socks and slides trend has seen a rapid uptick in the last few years. No longer a horrific fashion faux-pas, quite the opposite in fact, go ahead and pair your Weed Graffiti Slides with ankle length, shin-length or even knee-high socks! Be bold, be daring, opt for a fresh look this autumn season!

Squishy Doodle Slides

Are Flip Flop Socks Necessary?

With flip flops however, unless you want to waddle around in an ungainly manner – which face it, all of us have done when making a mad dash to accept a delivery or running down the lift to the car park to get that rapidly melting packet of forgotten ice cream – you need to choose flip flop socks. What are they? Well, just a variety of socks to wear with flip flops. And not just the type of socks, here are some tips on how to style your flip flop socks as well!

Tube socks are over the shin socks that rock a particularly athletic, sporty vibe. If you’re shooting for nailing that slippers with socks trend, go for it! Brighter the colour, more the pop. If your socks are thicker, you might find it difficult to wear flip flops, so buy thinner socks for this!

Should you wear socks with flop flops? Weed Graffiti
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If you’re looking for specially designed socks to wear with flip flops, split-toe socks are for you. They come in quirky patterns, solid colours, and bright stripes too – it’s a whole new world, get ready to, wait for it, sock everyone at the party with your new, trendy look! Bamboo fibre socks for flip flops are available too, they’re breathable and eco-friendly - the whole package. If you’re feeling unflinchingly confident and want to make a fashion statement no one will forget for a while, jump, hop and just leap onto the bandwagon and buy yourself a pair of five-finger socks! You heard us, quirky is cool. Super stretchy and super comfortable, imagine how good they’ll look with our range of uber fashionable flip flops?

 Socks and flip flops have the added benefit of keeping your toes warm too!

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