The S In Solethreads

Hold On!

Now that we’ve got your attention, we’d start off by urging you to check out our reveal video first.

It is quite tread worthy 


Granted! we all wake up every day, and go about our daily lives. But, more often than not, we rise with the ascending sun with a sense of joy, resolution and liveliness quite unlike any other.  A new dawn is thus that exhilaration of doing exactly what you were doing, but with a sparkle in your eyes and a beaming smile across your face. You don’t want to compromise on that reliability, excellence and oomph but you also want to invigorate it further, and make it new.

We have always been the staunchest advocates of synergising comfort, technology and the freedom of movement, and in order to reinforce this, we feel that it is the time for our new dawn…

We want to add that special Something to it, so that you can look at it from a whole new perspective.

Down The Road

We were, are and always have been about liberty, the freedom to walk ahead with a spring in your step, and urge you to be comfortable with who you are, as you look ahead, and chase your next big pursuit. But you never forget the beginning of that road, and the choices you made that led you to this juncture.

Our logo is a representation of who we are, and how we began. We have always been about the freedom of movement, choice and comfort, and we believe in flip flops as the ideal representation of those. The humble flip flop is the penultimate footwear for those seeking freedom and comfort and that is where our logo begins. The artistic union arrows that flow in concert, with a fluidity that is as surreal, as it is ethereal. An enactment of what it means to be free, and the true sense of always remaining peripatetic.  

We aim at Succeeding in giving you the freedom of choice, surfeit of comfort and the latest innovation has on offer.

Tread Your Own Path

You know you have the freedom, but now is the time to follow a path that defines you, engages with you, and makes you the best version of yourself. Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. Embrace a version of you that is infused with triumph, ingenuity and that is throbbing with the desire to discover new things.

The motion of our logo follows an animate yet fluid path that finds its way into a silhouette of an S. It has many meanings, it is sensational, simple, surfeit, simple and splendid. It is the simplification of the complexity of what these flip flops mean to us, to you, and for our connected futures. Our logo is simple in expression, multifaceted in intent, relevant for the future and empowered by YOU.

We know you are people of Substance, and we are here to empower your distinctive talents.

Make A Splash

You are here to stay adventurous, original and inspiring and discover all this world has to offer.

You are comfortable being you, and you are treading paths that are unique to you. It is now time to create a splash, and to make your mark on this reality. You be you, and you show others how and why they should be true to themselves. You went from a explorer, to an expert and now it’s time for you to show others what they can truly attain, by being true to who they are.

Our logo aims to inspire you, so that you can be you always. Its power lies in its simplicity, inimitability and meaning.

It is here to put the Sensation, Surety, Success, Self-determination, Swank, Substance, Surprise, Support and Sunshine back in you so that you can always be ComfortABLY YOU!

We are

and our souls are thread together through the soles we tread...





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