Yoga Mat Slippers That Redefine Comfort - RECLINER Flip Flops

These are the yoga mat slippers that redefine comfort.

Our Men’s RECLINER flip flops are so comfortable you could fall asleep in them...if you don't lose them that is. The casual design features thong styling. Made of lightweight man-made materials that are soft to the touch, they feature an ergonomic footbed that hugs your every step.

We have a comfortable yoga mat for your feet! Solethreads RECLINER flip flops come in sizes from XS to XXL. The footbed features super soft padding  for extra comfort. These flip flops have non-marking soles that won’t scuff up your floors, and are made from a durable rubber that can handle anything. The Men’s RECLINER flip flop is the ultimate men’s flip flop. Comfortable, yet dressed to impress, it cradles your feet with its curved shape just like a RECLINER does.

These cushy, masculine flips flops are so comfortable, even the most discerning of men won’t mind wearing them. They look just like your favourite RECLINER, but pack quite a lot of comfort. They’re padded for ultimate comfort and the  footbed that cradles your feet like a relaxing chair. Not only will you want them in your home, but they’re great to travel with as well!


Recliner flip flops for men


You’ll Never Want To Wear Another Pair 

These men’s RECLINER slippers rest on your feet like a well-padded yoga mat. With a durable rubber exterior, and ultra-soft footbeds, you’re going to enjoy spending time in them everywhere but the beach. Slip into these flip flops to get relief for your tired or swollen feet. These flip flops are made with a padded strap and provide extra comfort. Their soles are as durable as they are  comfortable. The flip flop is lightweight and water friendly, making it ideal for wearing around the house all day or walking through the park on a weekend afternoon.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at wearing flip flops, or a novice looking for a great addition to your wardrobe, our Men’s RECLINER flip flops for men are the perfect flip flops for comfort and style. These classic flip flops feature a wear-resistant sole that’s flexible and comfortable no matter how much time you spend in the sun. And the adjustable strap ensures you’ll have a solid hold on your flip flop as you walk around. Furthermore, the straps on these men’s flip flops ensure a comfortable fit every time they are worn.

Sometimes You Just Don’t Want To Wear Shoes

But with these flip flops, your feet will always be comfortable. The wave-like grip surface on the outsole is specially designed to improve traction, and the design ensures they stay securely on your feet. These men's flip flops are durable and comfortable for all-day wear. We searched high and low to bring you a highly comfortable, highly detailed pair of flip flops. From the foam footbed, these sandals will help you enjoy strolling down nearly any beach or promenade. Plus, they'll look as good as they feel.


Recliner slippersGet yourself a RECLINER today

Our Men’s RECLINER flip flops are designed with your comfort in mind.. The  outsoles are designed to allow you to take early-morning hikes to or organise poolside soirees with ease. RECLINER are pretty much the most comfortable flip flops ever. Why? Well, you can kick them off when you get home, or should you get tired of sitting, just recline! Our RECLINER flip-flops are designed with the same comfort in mind. We've added a moulded arch support to our flip-flops for extra comfort and cushioned the footbed with durable memory foam. Our quick release buckle makes for an easy fit, and our non-marking soles won't scuff up your floors. They're lightweight yet durable - made from a strong rubber that provides comfort and support from high impact activities.

These Are The Most Comfortable Flip Flops You’ll Ever Wear

Men’s RECLINER Flip flops give you added arch support and a moulded-in design that hugs your feet perfectly. A quick-release buckle on the front strap means quick and easy slip-on style, while the handy back strap keeps them from slipping off. They feature a non-marking sole that’s safe for floors, so they’re perfect for indoor household use. You work hard, and you play hard. When it comes to comfort, no outfit is complete without a great pair of flip-flops. Our Men’s RECLINER flip-flops are versatile enough for any occasion. They have a moulded footbed, which provides extra support for your feet, and a stylish design that works with both casual and more formal wear. Our thong style straps make the flip flops even easier to put on and take off, while the non-marking soles keep your floors safe from scuffs and scratches.

Men's Flip Flops - A pair of men's flip flops is the perfect complement for your everyday gear. Our lightweight soles will keep your feet feeling light all day, while our high-quality fabric construction on the upper will provide durability and longevity. This is one of many that will serve you well every time it gets wet outside. These flip-flops will be perfect for you. They have a rubber sole that will protect your feet from all the walking you’re going to do exploring your favourite city. The fabric is breathable and resistant to humidity, so you don’t have to worry about them getting too hot or wet. Also, they are lightweight and soft to ensure that comfort that makes walking a pleasure. Comfort is the key with these men’s flip flops that will keep your feet comfortable all day long.

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