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Flip Flops And Your Wardrobe | The Men's Edition

Flip Flops And Your Wardrobe

As we live this pandemic life, the humble flip flops are enjoying a renaissance of sorts. There was a time when you wouldn’t be caught in public wearing them unless they were to the local market or other such casual activities. Fast forward to 2022, and flip flops are now the new shoes. They are fair game in the city, in offices or on the sandy beaches that dot our coastlines.

The Era Of Flip Flops

Flip flops come in many forms, styles and designs, so determining how, when and where to wear them, quite frankly depends wholly on your particular style and the kind of look you’re after. Then again, why be bogged down by choice when you have flip flops that are always comfortable, and unendingly durable. Take for instance STARK, the flip flops are rugged, are made with proprietary and super comfortable footbeds, and have a style and appeal that could suit any occasion or clothing style. What’s more, their anti-skid properties make it the perfect companion across any terrain and gives you confidence across every surface.

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However, with a plethora of styles and designs, there is a far greater scope of things going wrong. After all, if you think your look is out of sync, then you will never be happy with it. Get it right and you’ll be both sophisticated and comfortable under the summer sun, or during the winter chill. Once your feet are sorted, you will be ready to tackle the day head-on and go from shopping to dinner, without even needing a wardrobe change.

New Flip Flops Vs Current Wardrobe

So, how do you use your current wardrobe with your new flip flops?

Well, there are certain guidelines that you could follow:

  1.   It is okay to wear suits with flip flops. Just make sure the suits are more casual, and the flip flops match their colour. Choose darker trousers that match your flip flops (and your style, of course) to keep a clean line. For balance wear a neutral jacket, over an understated collared shirt
  2.   There is nothing better than chinos, a T-shirt, and your favourite pair of flip flops. If you have any doubts about if it’s your style, just try it on, and we can guarantee that you will be surprised
  3.   For those of you who are still going to the office (wow! You are brave), you can even start a trend and wear your blacks, grey and earthy shade trousers with your favourite shirt, and overcoat. You could maybe even wear slides, and socks on your feet if the winter chill is getting to you. We would recommend CARGO, as they go with any attire and the built-in pockets give you an added utility of never forgetting your essentials
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  1.   Be it winter or summer, we feel that jeans would go very well with your flip flops. Try and pair jeans with the more chunky and thick flip flops that you own, so that you can get an even better bounce in your step, and your look matches your sunny disposition
  2.   For all those summer months, flip flops of any type or style go well with your shorts or swimwear. Flip flops or slides allow you to transition easily from comfort mode to barefoot mode, should the need arise, and are unequivocally the best footwear option out there for our long and hot summer months

What with most of us spending most of our time at home, at the end of the day, it is your style and you should Be ComfortABLY YOU. Flip flops are relaxing, innovative, durable and stylish and there is no reason why you should not have multiple pairs, to go with your multiple wardrobe options. After all, who are we to tell you what your style is.

We are only here to tell you that the days of those stuffy shoes are over, and the years of the flip flops are here to stay.

So, instead of changing your wardrobe to suit your flip flops, how about you buy flip flops in multiple styles and with unique features so that they can not only match your wardrobe but also become a part of it.

And, if flip flops remind you of the beach life, then all the more reason to wear them every day, and everywhere.


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