When Feet Find Their ‘Soul’ - The Most Comfortable Men’s Flip Flops Are Here

Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus. Relax.

Before you read any further, let’s practice what we’re about to preach. It is essential to have a calm, relaxed and comfortable mind, body and soul, and of course, a wardrobe choice that complements it perfectly.

Welcome to the RECLINER, the best flip flops for men, that make your feet feel fully blissed out! These stylish flip-flops use a yoga mat as their base and are just what the stylist (and masseuse) ordered—the perfect blend of style and comfort. 

The Best Men’s Flip Flops Are Here - Solethreads Recliner for yoga

As the “new normal” settles in, we’re seeing not just a new way of living, but also dressing—one that’s governed by comfort and functionality. Be it work from home, yoga in your balcony or an easy staycation, it’s all about catching your breath, being relaxed and finding your calm. And it’s so much easier to walk down this path in a pair of soul-comforting flip-flops rather than tight leather loafers.

The F Factor:

Before you get ahead of yourself, let’s clarify. The RECLINER, our latest flip flops, are made from yoga mats, and are all about the 3 F’s — Function, Form and Feel!

The Best Men’s Flip Flops Are Here - Recliner Features

To start with, they’re probably the most comfortable slippers you’ll ever slip on, and arguably the best sandals for walking long distances! They feel great on your feet—much like yoga does for your mind and body. And why shouldn’t they? These flip flops are made of yoga mats, and translate into real-time comfort like nothing else. The craftsmanship behind each pair and its innovative design gives it a form that takes it from basic footwear to your feet’s favourite companion! And all this only works to enhance its functionality—with arch support, skid-resistant rubber outsole and a spongy-soft footbed, these slippers take you everywhere in extreme comfort.

The Best Men’s Flip Flops Are Here - Solethreads Recliner for yoga

From your daily yoga sessions to trips to the malls and casual dinners, it’s the one accessory your feet will thank you for. That is what makes them the best flip flops for men in 2021.

Expert Speak:

1. Avinash, Yoga Guru

The Best Men’s Flip Flops Are Here - Testimonial of Avinash Baja Yoga Guru

The RECLINER rocks because... “Finding your comfort and learning to relax are the 2 most important pillars of yoga. I have been wearing the RECLINER to my morning classes in the park in my society. As I described to my wife, the first time I wore it, ‘it was cloudy,' because its a very comfortable pair that keeps your feet cushioned and adds an airiness to your walk. Very relaxing.”

The greatest takeaway from yoga...

Awareness. For me, it has really been as simple as that. And everything else has flown from there. Whether it is in Pranayama or holding an asana or just about moving from one position to another. And slowly, this awareness starts to seep into your time away from the mat, as well. You start asking relevant questions, looking at things more intently and being aware about mostly everything in life. Diet, moods, wishes, thoughts, etc.

An easy and beneficial exercise to do in your RECLINER…
There’s a sequence I love taking my students through at the end of the class. You start in the Vrkshasana (the tree pose) and hold the position on each leg for about 30 seconds, followed by Trikonasana (the triangle pose) where, keeping the pelvis pointing forward you bend to one side, hold, come up and bend to the other. It’s one of the few lateral bends in the Yoga practice.
I continue from the same position into a straddle split, after which I bring the students up and finally into the Tasasana (the mountain pose) where they stretch pulling their own weight upwards. I love this sequence because it brings you balance, teaches you to bend, split and stretch while always staying grounded and connected to the earth.

2. Neal Kartik, Yoga Teacher

Comfortable footwear is the way forward because…
“Being comfortable at the physical level is the foremost requisite in yogic sciences. Sage Patanjali, the codifier of yoga, talks clearly about being comfortable in the posture that one adopts. Also, our energy channels (nadis) reach our feet, so it's important to feel relaxed and wear a comfortable pair of footwear."     
The greatest takeaway from a yoga-inspired lifestyle…
The balance. Yoga practice brings a certain amount of balance in everyday life. The roller-coaster of experiences that life is, it is extremely beneficial to have a balanced approach towards every situation. A good yoga practice initiates the process of a healthy mind and a good body.
An easy and beneficial exercise to do in your Solethreads RECLINER… Tadasana. The word “Tada” comes from the Sanskrit word which means “Palm tree”, and the meaning of asana is “posture” or “seat”. So this asana is called Tadasana. To do it, stand with your feet slightly apart and make sure that your weight is balanced equally on both feet. Inhale, raise your arms above your head, interlock your fingers with palms facing upwards. Raise your shoulders up towards your ears and on an exhale, roll your shoulders back opening your chest and straightening your posture. Relax your eyes and maintain a steady gaze. Come back to normal position and relax.
The Best Men’s Flip Flops Are Here - Your Yoga Companions

Sole Styling!

No, the fashion police is not about to penalise you for prioritising comfort, as with the Solethreads RECLINER it’s all about versatile styling, and literally putting your best fashion-foot forward. From being the best sandals for walking long distances to the best flip flops for men, these slippers need to make a mandatory entry into your wardrobe. Here’s how to style them best.

Look 1 - Morning Yoga: 

Skid Resistant. 1 Million Steps Guaranteed

From your airport look to just lounging around your city, your RECLINER travels with you and keeps you comfortably chic. Pair them a pair of classic shorts and a tee for a day of chores, add a jacket to the mix for an unforgettable travel look and pair it with a fedora and shirt for the perfect lunch date outfit—your recliners will work with it all!

Look 2 - Casually, Comfortably You:

Best Men Flip Flops with Yoga Mat Soles - Casual look styling guide

These men’s flip flops travel the range when it comes to your outfits, be it for the day or night. Combine with chinos and a shirt for a sundowner or casual dinner date… All you need is slicked back hair and loads of style


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