Step Into Summer in Style with Solethreads Flip Flops for Women

Step Into Summer in Style with Solethreads Flip Flops for Women

Summer is around the corner, and it's time to refresh your footwear collection with the latest trends nowadays ladies flip flops sandals are a storm in the world of footwear. Perfect for wearing on beach days, doing errands in the city, or just going for a walk outside of your home, Solethreads Flip Flops for Women covers everything you need in a summer sandal: comfort, style, and durability. Let's now look at some of the standouts that will jazz up your summer season in no time.

1. Floret - Floral Delight

Put a bloom to your stride this spring with the Floret flip-flops. This fresh-as-a-daisy pair of slims comes with a prettifying flower ornament on the straps to finish your feet fabulously feminine. This is not just a stylish pair of flip-flops, but they are also environment-friendly as they have been made using 100% recyclable materials. The design is waterproof to ensure that your summer activities do not spoil your pair.

ECOTREAD™ Reclaimed Rubber Soles: Maximum ridges are deep for the ultimate in skid-resistance over all types of ground.

100% Recycled SuperFoam™ EVA Footbeds: For comfort beyond imagination and lasting cushioning 24x7.

Thong-Style Waterproof with Vegan Strap: Durable and stylishly with the aim of making sure that you endure this season's greatest escapade.

Thong Style V Strap: Classic V shape design thong style with a spring flower for the perfect elegance in your outfit.

2. Active Ortho - Comfort and support insoles

Active Ortho flip-flops are intended for those leading an active convalescence; therefore, they are perfect for people on the go. Designed with Phylon compression technology, this pair of flip-flops would therefore bring the much-needed comfort and support. The raised footbed bumps enhance blood flow, while the structural design cushions the heel, arch, and instep securely. With the added bonus of being an option for stabilization after exercising or just having something to offer a little bit of extra support throughout the day, Active Ortho flip-flops are there to help.

Bumps: The footbed bumps at the pressure points stimulate the flow of blood. 

Protects: The structure design provides further cushioning to the heel, arch, and instep. 

Defends: It can easily disperse impacts and return energy efficiently from the heel area through to the toe off. 

Grips: With large channels and ribbed soles, it maximizes traction and agility.

3. ORTHO MARBLE - Style with Function

Choose style this summer season with the Ortho Marble flip-flops. A perfect combination of versatility and style, these ladies flip-flops come in an all-marble effect and are available in numerous color options. Superfoam footbed cushions every step, while skid-resistant soles provide stability on most surfaces. 

ECOTREAD Outsole: Skid-resistant for improved safety.

Superfoam Comfort: Long-lasting cushioning for all-day wearing.

Structural Rubberized Upper: Great for you and great for our environment.

Water-Friendly: Quick-dry for added convenience.

Dot-Textured Footbed: Adds a playful pattern and style. 

4. GRACE T - Comfortable and Stylish

Grace T flip-flops are designed for today's woman on the go. The complete pair of flip-flop sandals brings a trinity of comfort, style, and function to your feet. The T-strap knitted mesh is water-resistant and helps give a comfortable fit regardless of the prevailing conditions. The Grace T flip flops have cushioning that is apart from arch support and perfect for those marathons on your feet.

Knitted Mesh T Straps: Water-resistant and stylish. Plush and printed for style and a sporty look. 

Midsole: provides daylong underfoot cushioning for a comfortable feel.

 5. Athletic elegance - GRACE cross

With fashionable function, the Grace Cross flip-flops only redefine athleisure. The contrasting sole with ECOTREAD™ provides additional bounce and cushioning, while SuperFoam™ EVA footbeds give them a springy, comfortable feel. Thanks to the knitted mesh cross strap, your feet stay in place to allow added stability while going about your daily routine.

Contrasting ECOTREAD™ Sole: It adds a little extra sturdiness, comfort, and cushioning to your stride.

SuperFoam™ EVA Footbeds: It has a spongy feel that ultimately adds to the cushion feel

Knitted Mesh Cross Strap: Hugs your feet for added stability.

Smart Play of Colors: It enhances your look and goes well with all outfits.


Our flip flops for women are designed in a way that they offer the perfect balance between style and comfort along with the aim of protecting the environment.. From stylishly functional to comfortably supportive, we have it all for you. So what are you waiting for? Step into summer in style with our flip flops and make a statement wherever you go.

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