Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Your Boss | Diwali Gift Ideas

Best Diwali Gift Ideas For Your Boss | Diwali Gift Ideas

Here it is, Diwali. That time of year when you put on your best smile, join in the festive fervor and give the gift of love to your near and dear ones. You might be hunting for that perfect Diwali gift for your boss. Business etiquette rules do not require an employee, or any worker, to give a gift to their immediate managers, bosses. However, special occasions, such as Diwali and Christmas can be exceptions. It might mean gifting your colleagues a token of gratitude, and that might mean- even your entire team which includes your boss as well.

Here are our top favourite picks for Diwali gift ideas for your boss:

diwali gift for boss - Pen set

1. A Pen

So, you're looking for the best Diwali gift for your boss. A  pen is a perfect way to show you care. Pens come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your boss' personality. You can even get one engraved with his initials or full name to ensure that he has it with him whenever he needs it.

2. Necktie

The best Diwali gift for your boss is a necktie! If your boss wears one often, they will be grateful for a new one. Make sure you get a dark-coloured silk tie for this festive season. Pair it with a set of classy cufflinks, and your boss will love this gift for the love of his neckties.


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3. A phone App subscription 

There are monthly subscription services for just about everything these days. Whether your gift recipient is a foodie, a beauty lover, a plant fanatic or someone who’s coffee-obsessed, you can probably find a monthly service for him or her. A Time Tune schedule planner will help you to plan your day which will increase your productivity. 

4. A classic Feng-Shui

You can’t go wrong with Diwali gift ideas for your boss. Although it is typically found in Indian households, it has been popularized in the Western world as well. A great idea is to give them a Feng Shui gift. It is a fantastic way to wish them prosperity, good luck, and happy vibes on the auspicious day of Diwali.

5. A Book 

“Nothing beats the feeling of having done more in twenty-four hours than what the day expected you to!” - Ankur Warikoo. A book can be a thoughtful and the best Diwali gift for your boss, whether it’s about a hobby he enjoys, a historical period he’s interested in, a business topic that fascinates him, or one of his favourite genres. Never think twice before getting a book as a gift for your boss. Trust us on this, it will be truly appreciated. If you are in search of meaning and wish to connect to yourself in a much deeper sense, we recommend you read "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom. 

6. A personalized planner

A personalized planner is one of the essential items for those who are meticulous planners. It can help your boss calendarise all their upcoming appointments and special events. Sometimes, a personalized planner is paired with a monthly calendar. These planners are available for purchase at reasonable rates from department stores. Search through them to find the perfect one for your boss, and prepare it with a festive message to give as the best Diwali gift ideas for your boss. 

diwali gift for boss - An eco journal

7. Eco-Journal

Write down your thoughts in an eco-friendly journal. Specifically designed with nature in mind, this journal will be a great gift for your co-workers or employees. Inside, you'll find 200 pages of ivory paper that are 100% natural, and the eco-friendly construction of the front and back cover is made of bamboo and vinyl. Plus, the refillable spiral binding lets you replace the old pages with new ones over and over again without any added waste. It is easily available online. 

8. Business card case 

One way to make your boss feel more professional is to give him a custom business card case. Your boss will need to meet plenty of high-profile clients, so it’s important for them to keep cards with him at all times. A good idea is to purchase a business card case with a variety of card slots, a smart design, and a bright colour that will match your boss’s personality. You can even choose a business card case made out of metal or leather. Surprise your boss by inculcating this in the list of best Diwali gift ideas for your boss.

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Planning for the best Diwali gifts for your boss is the key to success and works its own magic. These well-curated and thoughtful gifts not only last year but also show that you're thinking about your work environment. It's best to plan for these early, though. 

We hope you enjoy our list of Diwali gifts for your boss. Which one will you be gifting them this year? Do you have any other ideas you would like to share with us? Share them in the comments below!

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