9 Different Types Of Sandals For Men & Women

Different types of sandals have been used by humans since immemorial. It was, is and continues to be the simplest form of foot protection.  Different types of sandals for women and men have been used in some form or another across the milieu of cultures and peoples who have inhabited this planet. In essence, all kinds of sandals that were all the rage over two thousand years ago continue to be fashionable today. They are therefore timeless, and endlessly reinventing themselves. The types of sandals of today are copious, to say the least. Available in every colour, size, shape and type, and here to satiate the numerous preferences of the as many humans who walk with them.

Why Different Types Of Sandals?

If we were to time-travel back 8000 years, to what is today Southwest America, we would see the local Anasazi people wearing different kinds of sandals. The oldest known sandals are almost two thousand years older than the Anasazi ones. So, we’re talking about more than 10,000 years of different kinds of sandals that have been found across the globe, in hot deserts to cold tundras, from rocky landscapes to the deep jungles of the world’s tropical rainforests. As a matter of fact, closed footwear didn’t catch on in warm and dry climates until very recently.     

Different types of sandals names are too many to enumerate, but we have shortlisted nine different types of sandals for men and women which are used most often and have a global appeal. These kinds of sandals are the global trendsetters. Whilst they are classics in their own right they are also reinvented from time to time so as to appeal to the latest perceptions and fashion sense(s) of the world’s population. We therefore see a huge range of different types of sandals for women as much as those for men. 

Sport Sandals

These are the most rugged types of sandals out there. Different types of sandals for men and women are usually water-friendly, have large and comfortable soles and come with multiple strap adjustments so that they can be loosened or tightened based on the conditions. They are great for walking, casual running or for an active lifestyle on the beach or in the countryside. Most useful for someone who has long walks on the cards, even if it involves daily chores.

Flip Flops

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They may be different kinds of sandals out there but flip flops are arguably the most popular and have the greatest global appeal. They come in a plethora of styles and materials although plastic and rubber are most often used. Flip flops are without doubt the most versatile new type of sandals out there and their basic to extravagant themes are often replicated in other sandal types.

Everyday Flats  

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All types of sandals have a sole and some sort of upper fixture, but everyday flats have the thinnest soles of the lot, with very little, to no, heel boost. They may or may not have a thong strap but may have one to two straps across the top of the foot, and sometimes one behind the heel.

Dressy Flats

As the name suggests, they are more decorative and used for casual and semi-formal occasions. Once again, with very thin soles, they can either have spaghetti straps or more decorative varieties, depending on the event and the price you pay for them.


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Once again, it’s all in the name. These types of sandals have either one strap or a bunch of narrower straps across the top of the foot. This helps in a seamless sliding in of your foot into the sandal. Since they’re helping on by just that one strap, these types of sandals need to fit snugly yet comfortably around your feet.

Wedge Sandals

Of all the different kinds of sandals out there, this type of sandal is best suited for an office environment. They are comfortable, yet dressy enough, and are therefore very popular with office-goers. They are either of a single height or taper down from the heel to the foot. One may wonder as to how stable these are compared to different types of sandals but be rest assured that these are comfortable, hard-wearing and stable.

Gladiator Sandals

All types of sandals are continually reinvented but this particular type is an ancient throwback that has made a stellar comeback, in part thanks to certain Hollywood movies that don’t need naming. What’s interesting is that these sandals are renewed and an iteration makes it way to the world’s shop floors every odd decade or so. They were especially popular in the 1960s and saw a strong resurgence in the last decade. These sandals are here to make a statement, regardless of the occasion.

Casual Mid-Heeled Sandals

These beloved sandals are as comfortable as they are versatile. They can be worn with dresses or pants, on vacations or for weddings. They’re especially popular with women who do not enjoy wearing high heels.

Dressy High-Heeled Sandals

These are the height of fashion, style and dressing up, and we mean this quite literally. It is a style that is revered by high-fashion brands around the world. They tend to be the most expensive and are used for more formal occasions. Their comfort would depend on the brand and what you are used to.

All in all, sandals are here to stay. Their triumph lies in their capacity to adapt to the world around them. It is now a case of not whether you should own a pair, but more of, which pair should you own, and how many of them…

So, tread carefully!